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"Beep Boop. I'm the Req-Bot." - Req-Bot (Reku-Botto, レク-ボット)


Req-Bot is a robot who was made to artificially recreate Requiem Stands, he is a robot who was made by the Speedwagon Company.

Req-Bot can only be obtained if someone with the perms grants you with it.


Req-Bot appears to be a "male" robot, he's made out of blue painted metal. He is about 6.56 ft tall and has a muscular structure.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Target Rush
Req-Bot will target the closest enemy,. Once the enemy is in the range of the attack, Req-Bot will quickly dash and punch the targetted enemy 10 times.
Godly Strength
5 damage per punch
4 seconds
Heavy Strike
Req-Bot throws a heavy hit to the enemy that deals a large amount of damage.
Godly Strength
50 Damage
7 seconds
Req-Bot grabs his enemy and slams him to the ground
Moderate Damage
20 Damage
13 seconds
Requiem Spear
As all of the Requiems formed by the Req-Bot, they share the Requiem Spear ability.

Req-Bot throws a requiem arrow linked with a chain, if it hits then it will deal a massive damage and stun the affected. Note:For every variation it is called diferent.

Incredible Damage
70 Damage
7 seconds

Evolved Forms

(LMB + World's Watch) - The World Requiem

The player takes the World's Watch and spins it until Req-Bot takes the form of The World Requiem.