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Hi whos reading this! This is my blog on what I think makes good stands. Now ima get into it, just so you know ima be mentioning the same stand alot.

What is a good stand?

Now, you know if its a good stand if it does good damage, and has a lot of potential. Like starting combo's, having the ability to subdue opponents to START combo's, ragdoll moves and etc. Now I'll be getting into it a little more clearly.

  1. Great damage. You need to be able to do a good amount of damage so the other person doesn't have a chance to attack because by then they'll already be dead. You also need great damage because you will need to rely on those "good" damage moves which I'll get in to later on this post.
  2. Good combo potential. You need to be able to start and end combo's to finish enemies off of course. This falls under the category of great damage because if you do weak damage, your chances of killing someone (which is the whole point of making combo's or having combo potential.) would drop significantly and therefore you might just be wasting your moves on something you probably don't know would be a waste of it.
  3. Reliability. You need to be able to rely on ALL moves and not just one. You can't make a combo of one and two other moves because like I said, your chances of combo potential would drop significantly.

What are examples of these?

An example of a great damage stands are all full king crimsons, RSPOH, SPOH, TWOH, Kars, TA4, RTWOH, and all other good damage stands. Now RSPOH is reliable because it does great damage output which is key factor in killing enemies. SPOH, TWOH, and RTWOH all fall under this category. Now Kars,TA4, and all full body king crimsons (regular somewhat), are all the most reliable stands in the game and on this list. (that is my opinion) Now Kars is SUPER reliable because you don't have to rely on one move, (hence the status reliable), great damage output, and great combo potential. First, it is really reliable because you don't have to rely on one move. As for TWOH, and all other TS stands mostly rely on TS for finishers. But for Kars, you don't have to rely on one move. You have the barrage which does great damage output and slows enemies down. You have the blood suck which stuns enemies. You have the kick that ragdolls, and you have the slash similar to samurai's. But the last move is the F move. Great knockback, great combo finisher, great damage, great reliability and it is just SO overpowered. Now back to reliability, even if you miss a move you can still land another great damage move that can make up for that move you missed. You can even use it again after its cooldown is done if you get a chance too.

Now for TA4, just like Kars, you don't have to rely on one move. You have other moves that do great damage output so even if you missed a move as I mentioned before, you still have other moves that can make up for it.