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How the spec would look on a player.

"German science is the best in the world!" - Von Stroheim (Rudoru fon Shutorohaimu, ルドル・フォン・シュトロハイム)


German Technology is a spec used by Von Stroheim, a side character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. German Technology can be obtained by using Red Stone of Aja on Standless. German Technology is a very powerful spec for defeating Vampires


Q: "GERMAN SCIENCE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD" -  T'he player's attacks get slightly buffed for 10 seconds, not before the player shouts "DOITSU NO KAGAKU WA SEKAI ICHI"'

E: THE PINNACLE OF GERMAN ENGINEERING - The player pulls a machine gun that fires 600 30mm armor piercing rounds per minute out of their stomach and fires it. This does superior damage if the target is not blocking or if a Kars is not barraging. Though, it does do extremely less damage if the target is blocking or is barraging while as Kars. This move has a very slow start-up

R: Mechanical Crush - The player will attempt to crush their target with 1950kg of force. This stuns the target and does good damage.

F: UV Lights - The player fires off powerful UV lights at their opponent. If the target is a vampire (Kars, Dio , Santana ), this will do godly amounts of damage. If the target is an Ultimate Lifeform , they will be healed by it. If the target is anything else, it will do nothing.

J: Sacrifice for Fatherland - The player will attempt to hit a grab on the target. If it hits, the target will go inside of the player (no homo tho). The player will then explode a German Stick Grenade in their hands, dealing godly damage to the opponent and extreme damage to the player.

V: Slide - The player will do a slide, similar to KCAU.


  • German Technology has 3 voicelines. 2 of them are from the same scene.
  • The first voiceline is "BBBBBBBBBBBAKAMONO GAAAAAAAAAAA," which translates to "You utter fool!"
  • The second voiceline is "DOITSU NO KAGAKU WA SEKAI ICHI," which translates to "German science is the best in the world!"
  • These voicelines come from this scene.
  • German Technology's last voice line is "*Crazy laughter*" which comes from this scene.
  • GT's pose would've been a Nazi Salute, but was changed due to moderation.
  • GT's replaced pose is the player saying "The best in the world" or "Sekai Ichi" with multiple guns coming out from their back, as shown in this scene. (Spoilers for Part 2)
  • GT is the best spec in the game for killing of vampires.
  • German science really is best in the world.
  • GT has a removed voiceline of the player saying "SpeeeedwaGONnn"
  • GT's pose music is the song "Propaganda"