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Eriserat Eriserat 22 June 2020

The Sun

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The Sun is the stand from Stardust Crusaders, and in the manga.

The Sun appears to be a large sun hovering over the player, While yellow and orange rays come out from the middle.

{Passive A} Burning Damage

When you do an attack with The Sun, It does burning damage like Magicians Red.

{Passive B} Blazing Heat

The closer the opponent goes to your stand, The more burning damage it does.

E + Cursor on Target - Sun Smite

The player raises their arm, And smites the person you have your mouse on.

R - Heavy Punch

The player punches heavily.

F + Cursor on Target - Triple Sun Smite

The player raises their arm, And smites the person you have your mouse on three times.

J - Light Ray …

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Eriserat Eriserat 20 June 2020

Tower Of Gray

Tower of Gray is a small and fragile Stand. However, it is also incredibly fast and nimble. It displays to what looks like a large Fly or Insect.

[Passive A] Incredible Speed

You gain a speed boost that is faster then samurai, but not faster then Made in Heaven.

Stand Mode Off Moves:

LMB - Left Punch and Right Punch

The player punches with their left hand, if its clicked again you hit with your right hand.

R - Strong Punch

The player punches dealing no knockback.

Stand Mode On Moves:

E - Jaw Bites

Tower Of Gray bites the opponent a few times.

R - Secondary Jaw

Tower Of Gray opens its mouth to reveal another jaw, Then quickly stabs the other player with it.

Y + Mouse On Player - Targeted Attack

You glide with Tower Of Gray to the person you put your mouse…

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