Pearl Jam is the stand of Tonio Trussardi. It´s main ability is to inject food with itself, used to healing others. Therefore most of its damage comes from the user´s kitchen equipment.



Passive A - Cook

The user´s default spawn place is at Tonio´s Restaurant. This is vital due to various reasons:

Sub-Passive 1 - Kitchen Equipment

When the user spawns, they have to do various things: 1 they have to choose which equipment they use. The stand on moveset remains the same, however, the stand off moveset is the main source of damage. There are two items available: A knife and a plate.

Sub Passive 2 - Food Cooking

When the user spawns, they also have to cook some food. Since the stand on moveset is a healing one, the user needs to pre-cook the food. The stand off moveset remains the same. There are two consumables available: Antipasto and Wine.


Q - Stand on/Off

Stand Off Moveset if Knife is equipped:

E - Throat slice

The user pulls out a knife and slices the enemie´s throat, dealing 30 damage and affecting bleeding.

Cooldown: 6.5 seconds.


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