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Star Platinum Requiem is a rare stand you can only get from Star platinum, which is obtained by an arrow. Then, you have to use a requiem arrow on it, which has a 1/4 chance to spawn randomly around the map.

The chance of getting this is 1/150 with a Requiem arrow.

  • [Passive] - Aura

is just a cool aura

  • E + hold - Ora barrage (Cooldown: 5 sec.)

Beats the target with a superspeed barrage of punches with superior power.

  • R - Ora Strike

Forcefully drives its fist into the target, dealing an incredible amount of damage.

  • T - Serious Ora (Cooldown: 8 sec.)

Requiem Star Platinum grabs his opponent and brings him closer, giving him a Serious Ora.

  • Y - ???

Star platinum requiem grabs his opponent and throws him up, in that time in which the star platinum opponent is in the air, performs 20 attacks so fast that they are almost not visible to the human eye, after 20 Star Platinum attacks takes you and crashes you to the ground.

  • F - Universe stop (cooldown : 60 sec)

Star Platinum Requiem Stops the universe for 10 seconds, In those 10 seconds you can't do anything, you can't move the camera position, you can't even write (GER, UGER, MIH and MOHE can't cancel the Universe stop)

  • H - Time control (cooldown: 90 sec.)

Star Platinum Requiem uses his power in his favor and returns to all players 5 seconds in the past (does not apply to him)