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A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"Get Thunderclapped spanish ajaja spammer"

- Chez

Spoon is a nonsense meme spec that is literally a gigantic spoon the size of shiny sowrd and is sheatheable like the shiny sword and this is obtained by using spoon on sword which spawns every 30 mins wiTh a 1/3 chance


E - "Waste." - You smack the enemy 3 times each smack deals 16.3

R - "You getting deleted kid" - You do a ground smack dealing 47 are damage and ragdolling them for 5 seconds

T - SPOON BOOMERANG BRR -You throw your spoon in a boomerang trajectory manner eaand dealing 15 tick damage

Y - drink suup - You drink soup from a bowl with your spoon and you get healed by 35

F - THUNDERCLAP AND SPOON - Haha demon slayer reference you do samurai F but much faster and deal 55 damage with ragdoll

H - "GO RANDOM BULLSHIT GO" - You throw random stuff with your spoon rapidly for 5 seconds each one dealing 10 damage