A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki
A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

haha yes first fanmade stand by me tell me if i did anything wrong e, yes fanmade and is based off a real stand

oasis is the stand of gecco i mean secco, appears in parto 5 e lol


Speed - A

Destructive power - B

Durability - A

just copied the official stats for oasis


PASSIVE - when oasis is active the use will take 5% less damage from everything

E - Slowing barrage

The user will barrage an enemy, dealing moderate damage, and slowing them down heavily, but can escape by using transportation moves

R - Ground Liquify

The user slams the ground, liquifying the ground, 3 people at a short radius will move into the ground like its quicksand, effectively stunning them while dealing low rapid damage, will last for 2 seconds

T - Dive Punch

The user dives into the ground, when pressing T while having the cursor on an area, the user will come out from the ground at the cursor area, if there is a player there, the user will come to the surface and uppercut them, dealing damage, knocking back and ragdolling them. this can be used as a transport move or ambush attack for combos.

F - Deadly Drag

The user dives into the ground, going to the nearest person and then choke them while dragging into the ground for 2 seconds dealing damage every 10 seconds in the ground

H - Diving

The user dives into the ground, travelling at high speeds, is a transportation move. while underground the user cant be damaged, this move cant be held indefinitely and the user can dive for 10 seconds only