A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki
A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

So.. My new mechanic is the "Bizzare Bar". Basically its like an ultimate bar that fills up whenever you get damaged and deal damage. Some attacks will use up the bizarre bar, and when your bizarre bar is filled to a certain extent, some attacks will change. And if your bizarre bar is filled completely, dealing enough damage will turn your bar to Overdrive mode, so you have like a second bar.

Now for the world's rework, don't cry my boi, at least people don't forget about your rework.

E- "UTTERLY USELESS!!"- The world drives forward and does an exteremely fast kick dealing 34 damage using up 0 percent of bizarre bar.

E (35% bizarre bar)- "USELESS USELESS USELESS"- The world does a lightspeed barrage dealing 5.5 damage per hit and this move will use up 20% bizarre bar when fully held

R- "USELESS!"- The world does a quick jab then a punch dealing 10 damage with the jab and 31 damage with the punch. This uses up 5% bizarre bar

T- Lightspeed Kick- The world does a drilling kick while dashing infront dealing 40 damage with using up 17% bizarre bar

Y- "HeheheHaha!"- You do a punch dealing 0 damage but if it hits the world will then do a barrage dealing 15 damage total and then do a strong kick dealing 20 damage. This move uses up 19% bizarre bar

Y (40% bizarre bar)- Upper chop- The world jumps up and jets down doing a chop which pins the enemy on the ground for 3 seconds and deals 35 damage. uses up 10 % bizarre bar

wOaH a NeW mEcHaNiC

Lock: When you put your cursor on someone you will lock on to them, meaning your camera will follow them wherever they go, and when you move sideways you circle aeound them. We call the target you locked on the Target (obviosuly)

Exclamate Moves: Exclamate moves are moves that can only be used when lock is on. When you use this move, and exclamation mark will appear above the targets head, if they dont block before the mark is gone, the move will be used, but if they block before the mark goes off then nothing (yes these new mechanics are totally from spulshatters lol)

F- Timestop combo- You timestop then you do 2 punches dealing total 40 damage lol

F (lock on)- Exclamation mark woahwoah. If its a sucess you tsteleport to them and then punch them in stomach dealing 30 damage then while they are being knockbacked you tp to them and you do another punch with 15 damage because yes use 39 % biz bar

H- Surprise leg kick - The world does a fast kick to the legs that deals 35 damage and ragdolls them and disables their stand. This move uses no biz bar

V- TsTeleport- You use timestop to teleport and if you locked on to someone you will teleport to them omae wa mou shindeiru style

Stand off ooohh yeeaahh

E- Punch- Your arm becomes the worlds arm and you swing it forward dealing 30 damage. No biz bar is used

R- "You've gone pale." You do a windup then dash forward then you suck the blood of the enemy dealing 15 damage and healing you by 15. 15% bizarre bar used

T (requires lock)- Knife Volley- You jump up and throw 2 pair of knives at the target your locked at each pair dealing 15 damage.

Y- "Sayonara Jojo!"- You do a punch which knocks the enemy down dealing 5 damage then you take a sign and whack them with it dealing 30 damage. uses 19% bizarre bar


Stand On F (79% bizarre bar used and required)- The world's secret powa- When activating this, you will be able to press 3 of stand off move keys, when you press 3, you will teleport to them and will deal the total damage of the 3 moves you chose. And also there is a 4 second exclamation mark after you press the 3 keys. lock required

Stand on J (requires and uses 80% bizarre bar)- "SHINEI KAKYOIIINNN" - You will get a yellow aura and when someone hits you it will activate a cutscene wif subtitles where you say "You fool. Soon you shall know the true power of the legendary the world." Then the enemy say "BRING OUT YOUR STAND! *insert username*!" Then you shout za warudo and tp to the enemy who hit you then send them flying backwards a lot dealing 70 damage

When you use joseph's corpse (yes) on this, which spawns every 1 hour with 1/3 chance you will get twgh, and it unlocks 2 new ultimate moves along with the 2 you already have

Twgh new moves

Stand off F (uses and requires 79% bizarre bar)- "MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAAAAAAA" - Exclamation mark attack. Requires lock on. If sucess, you will timestop then shout MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAAAA and then throw a knife at your target then time resumes and 69 damage along with a bleeding effect will be dealt

Stand off F (requires and uses 25% overdrive mode bizarre bar) - Roadroller- Is exclamate move and requires lock, if succeed you will roadroller your enemy while time is stopped. 120 damage lmao op

There is bizarre bar dosent mean that there isnt cooldown

oh god im finally done damn this was long

anyways note: my rework is that stw is obgainable through arrows then you use camera to evolve stw into this (in my rework cam becomes 49 minutes 2/5) so yeeeeee

also in my rework i reworked stw you can go check it out yes.