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A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

Basically stw rework lmao




"My hands have already struck!" - Regen

Normal Attacks

Lmb- Quick Jab - you do a quick jab that is extremely close range that deals 19 damage

E- Leaning Strike - You lean forward a little and do a hooked punch dealing 35 damage

R- Dashing Uppercut - You do a uppercut while dragging your entire body with your legs like a dash dealing 40 damage

T- Space Ripper Stingy Eyes - A chargeable laser shot from your eyes that deals 30 damage and increased damage by 1 every second charge (chargeable for 10 secs only)

Y- Charisma! - You bend down and tentacle thingies come out from your back dealing 40 damage, it can attack multiple people as long as they are close enough

F- "URYYYYYYYYYYY" - You do E and then you do a roundhouse kick dealing 45 damage

H- Heavy Throw - When you do E and time just right enough and use this right after E you will grab your opponent and throw them dealing an extra 15 damage

B- Divine Drink - You suck the blood of whoever you hit and then throw them, the bloodsuck deals 20 and heals you by 20

Crouching Attacks (activate crouch by pressing C)

E- Extended Arm Slide - You slide on the ground while jabbing dealing 25 damage, you also avoid most attacks while doing this

R- Sliding Ground Smash - look idk how to explain so here's the image also it deals 40

Stw lol.jpg

T- Knife Volley - While doing a low bend you throw 5 knives forward all of them dealing 25 but it is spammable

Y- Low Jab - You jab while crouching dealing 15 but it's spammable

Stand On

E - The Shadowed World - stw appears and does a 3 punch combo dealing 46 damage in total

R- Shadow Punch - Stw appears and does a 34 damage punch

T- Quick Bash - stw appears and elbows the enemy dealing 25 damage with great kickback and ragdoll

F- Za warudo toki wo tomare! - a 4 second time stop with a short animation

H- The Scales Of Horror - You do a menacing pose that is drinking some wine while reading dio's diary and when you get attacked you will teleport behind the attacker and do a light punch dealing 10 ragdoll damage

V- Teleport - self explanatory

J- Killer Knife Throw - You do a punch dealing 5 damage and then when you land you will pull out some knives and then teleport behind the enemy you hit and suddenly outcomes nowhere a lot of knives surrounding the enemy dealing a whopping 70 damage

Oh god this was long