A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki
A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

Ball Breaker is a phenomenon from the infinite rotation and is the result of an imperfect steel ball, thus having to use an imperfect steel ball item on spin which spawns every 35 minutes with a 1/5 chance


E- Spin Barrage - Bb does a fast and long but not so damaging barrage dealing 4.5 damage per punch

R- Steel Ball Throw - The user throws a steel ball at high speeds that will deal 30 damage on impact and leave the enemy ragdolled for 2 seconds

T- High Powered Steel Ball - The user throws a steel ball at high power dealing 40 damage this time, this also will home on the target on your cursor, however can be outrunned due to the balls lack of speed

Y- Spin Tornado - The user throws 2 steel balls and if hit will start spinning around the enemy rapidly dealing 4 damage at light speed for a short amount of time

F- Aging Touch - Ball Breaker extends it's arms and if landed the opponent will take 5 damage while starting to age, this will severely decrease their speed and damage and this move bypasses love train ( other moves don't)

H- Golden Spiral - The user throws a fast steel ball that spirals in the shape of this



"Pizza Mozzarella x3 rella rella rella"

"Eat #### fall off your horse!"