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Yes. https://a-bizarre-day-roblox.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Calamity_Terra/Calamity’s_stand Pre-evolved form there

“I’m only going easy on you, because it shall be the calm before the storm!” - Calamity Terra or some dude idk


the stand is called "Omnipotent, Omniscent, and Omniceleritas" (omniceleritas is a word i made up. Omni is all and celeritas is speed). It’s alternate name is “CEO of Bullshit”

Alternative name: Cataclysmic Calamity

It is a sentient stand, as in the lore, Calamity had been alone for a span of 12 years. And needed someone to be with, as his parents, friends, and everyone he once had is gone.

It’s personality is curiosity. It is very new to the outside world, and only stayed in the same spot for 12 years.


All the stats are ∞ + 3

User Strength

  • The user has the strength to lift 10 galaxies
  • High vision

Passives lol

Passive 1: Omniceleritas

  • Able to change speed to 1-10000 (GUI on the bottom right, put in a number and you can begin speeding up)

Passive 2: OmniPotent

  • Able to tank 30% of hits

Passive 3: Omniscent

  • 45% chance of not getting hit

Passive 4: Lock On Target

  • The user is able to lock on the enemy, even if they lose their senses, such as memory, vision, etc. Even being unable to move, the user will still lock on to it

Passive 5: Poison

  • The user is unaffected by poison effects, meaning even the strongest toxic cyanide cannot kill it. Even if it’s in the blood stream. This also includes toxic gas.

Passive 6: Time Itself

  • The user is unaffected by time moves. Such as TA, UR, TE, and all that stuff.

Passive 7: Quit it.

  • Before the user gets hit, time will stop for 10 seconds, and can attack in it. Nobody else can move within it.

Passive 8: Rage

  • If the user is more angry, their power becomes stronger.

Passive 9: Unstealable

  • The abilities are impossible to steal or copy.

Passive 10: Uncounterable

  • Stand cannot be countered

Passive 11: Death

  • If somehow copied, the fake person will die a painful death. No matter the passive of not dying from copying, the person will still die.

Abilities lol

E - Seer Blast

The stand makes Overseer Eyes (15 of them), with each leaving an extremely toxic poison effect that lasts for 25 seconds. They work like the Emerald Splash.

R - All Powerful

The user’s mask turns into an arm (but will still be on the head), grabs whoever is in front of them. Then, the stand pulls out both the Scythe and the Sword and begin slashing.

F - Mastered Epitaph

yes. Lasts forever, N O T H I N G can bypass it, no matter how reality breaking they are, N O T H I N G can bypass this. I don't care if your power is literally gonna break the damn universes and multi-verses, you cant hit a guy in mastered Epitaph. You can also attack in this. Reality control or universal play is useless against this. Energy moves also do nothing against this. IF SOMEHOW BYPASSED, ALL DAMAGE WILL BE REFLECTED.

H - Pinnacle of Fear

The stand’s mask grabs whoever is in front of them, then throw them up. The stand will then transform into their greatest fears as they fly up. However this might be useless if they have no fears. But if they have no fears, the user goes for the sword, and does multiple stabs to the nervous systems, when hit, the enemy will have been hurt, heavily due to where the stabs where located.

Y - Block Gun

The user switches move set, but each time they switch, they have a 10 second delay. You can find the move set here. However it is quite nerfed, and the Block Gun will only be about Building Level Strength.

J - Scythe and Sword Dash

The stand pulls out their 2 weapons, then dash in front of them, using the sword in a stabbing position, and the Scythe in a slicing position. It will slice the Scythe during it. It can dash at twice the speed of light, and lasts up to 15 seconds.

Z - Teleport

Teleports, leaving an AoE from where they teleported, and the place before they teleported. If the AoE doesn’t hit, it’ll stun the user for about 5 seconds. If it hits, it will have no delay. Making this quite spammable. If hit, it’ll deal a bit of damage to the opponent. And it’ll stun the opponent. However if used in a non-harmful way, it will only have a 0.5 delay.

V - Bring forth the heavens!

The stand goes in front of the user, then holds their Scythe in front of them. Suddenly, the moon will crash down, leaving off a 69420 stud radius explosion.

T - Raining the Stars

Similar to the old move from the pre-evolved, it will rain down stars. It rains down up to 200 stars. The user cannot move during this, however can aim it wherever it wants. It uses the Sword to do it.

B - Heal

Heals themselves. Very explanatory.

L - Shockwave Body

The user sends out a shock wave in a 100 stud radius. With this, a floating overseer eye comes out. (From their Scythe). The enemy must kill the overseer eye within 5 minutes, and the user cannot touch the eye. If not killed, the user begins to slowly die out, and slowly lose vision. The opponent will also be unable to harm the user, and the user won’t be able to aswell

Y - Scythe Reality

The stand uses the eye on the Scythe to flash the eyes of everything. Once vision is back, the user will have reality level powers.

Y + F - Metapotence

The stand takes off the mask, revealing an arrow with a neon green gem. He takes it and stabs himself with it. The user becomes metapotence. The rules are the stand’s. However, for the evolution, it takes 1 and a half minute, for it to charge up the power. The user becomes insanely weak in these states. Metapotence is the power of everything, and anything. You cannot use this during Mastered Epitaph during the evolution






Sword and Scythe

Using V on someone 120 studs away (Was too lazy to add major details)