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(This is a fan-made Stand!)

NOTE: This is a old post and things said in this post is old! Like how you can get this stand.

Weather Report is a rare stand obtained by getting Whitesnake and using a Requiem Arrow. This stand is used by "Weather Report" in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean.


E - Punching Barrage - A normal barrage dealing 10-15 damage.

R - Lighting Strike - A strong electrifying punch dealing 20-25 damage and having a percentage of stunning the enemy.

T - Wind Blower - Pushes enemies paralyzing them for a 2 seconds before they get back up.

F - Raining Frogs - Weather Report spawns poisonous frogs out of the sky (8 frogs) that hurt near enemies until they despawn.

V - Wind Bringer - Brings enemies to you while dealing 5 damage.

Y - Powerful Tides - Shoots a strong tide at an enemy pushing them and also dealing 10 damage.

B - Rainbow Snail - Makes enemies look like snails and move like snails for 10 seconds.

N - Quotes - "The wind will blow you back to me!" , "Say goodbye Pucci!"

G - Pose - WR body turns into a cloud besides its head behinds its user.