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(This is a fanmade stand!) (If anything seems op or weird please comment it and ill fix it)

real stand :


Silver Chariot is a uncommon stand from an Arrow. This stand is used by Jean Pierre Polanareff in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders.


E - Fencing Barrage - Strikes enemies with its foil dealing 5-10 damage.

R - Foil Strike - Stabs its Foil into the enemy's head dealing 15 damage and stunning its enemy. (50%)

F - Armor Shed - Sheds its armor making it x2 faster then its base form.

T - Fast Strikes - Strikes its enemies with very fast but weak attacks. (Only Works with Armor Shed)

G - Speed Illusions - Makes enemies attacks weaker against you for only a few seconds (5 or less seconds)

N - Quotes - "Bravo! Bravo!" , "I'm gonna swat that thing to the ground!"

G - Pose - Poses with its user with a menacing particle.