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A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

(Fanmade Stand) (NOTE: If you like this fanmade stand I won't be making anymore, sorry. I'm not interested in roblox or abd. I do like all the nice comments.)

Shadow Crimson is obtained by using camera on King Crimson (Full Body). The stand King Crimson is used by Diavolo.


Passive - Slowly turns invisible when you stand still for 15 seconds, when you move it will cancel it. You can not attack when invisible.

E - Shadow Strike - Strikes with knock back dealing 15-20 damage.

R - Severing Chop - Chops its enemy stunning them and dealing 25 damage.

T - Crimson Cloak - Cloaks its user to a semi-invisible state. It also counters attacks by teleporting behind the enemy.

Y - Dark Implode - Shoots its fist through the enemy like sucking blood (Vampire) dealing 35 damage.

V - Darkness Travel - Travels in a instant in the direction of the user.

B - Blood Binds - SC throws blood into the enemies eyes to make their screen very dark and red and hard to see.

F - Darkness Erase - Special Move that last for a 40 seconds, basically a buffed time erase. The cooldown is 3 minutes as it is strong.

Passive - Half invisible and buffs the DP by making it S+ and making you 2x faster

E -  Swift Lunge - Lunges at an enemy at a high speed dealing 25 damage, cooldown is slow through.

R - Blood Blade - A move that you have to hold to make it stronger. It is a strong punch.

T - Chest Striker - Punch a hole through a player making them bleed through the chest. Pointing the blood to other players blinds them like Blood Binds. Slow cooldown.

V - A Crimson Nightmare - Turns into a shadow and stunning players that pass by, not doing damage through. Last for 10 seconds

Y - False Secret - Turns into a random player, you can't attack through. It will cancel when you attack. (Based off Diavolos personalities)

N - Quotes - "King Crimsons Ability..." , "You should just go home now,"

G - Pose - Poses like in the picture.


The ? in the DP is S

The Durability makes it very weak since it is E. The speed makes up for it through, you can hit enemies faster then they can.

All the attacks are very quiet, you do not warcry when you hit an enemy. You basically just whisper.