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Cream is a stand obtained from getting The World (Neo) and using the camera. This stand is used by Vanilla Ice in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders.


E - Heavy Punch - Punch an enemy dealing 25 damage

R - Universe Swipe - Stuns an enemy and deals 30 damage

V - Void Dash - Goes invisible and goes a fast speed as a means to travel around the map.

T - Traveling Counter - Eats its user protecting its user for a few seconds and teleports around when an enemy strikes.

F - Universal Switch - Teleports people in the range of 25 studs to a dark void, and your speed and power is faster and stronger.

Y - Devouring Void - Eats an enemy with a very slow animation, it poisons its enemy in a dark void for a few seconds

N - Quotes - "Dio-Sama"

G - Pose - The users face is in creams mouth.