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A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

(This is a fanmade stand!)

Christmas The World is a custom fanmade stand designed off Christmas. Its a fanmade stand for the Christmas stand maybe upcoming Christmas Stands.


E - Holiday Knockout

Barrages an enemy dealing 15-20 Damage.

R - Jolly Pummel

Hits an enemy with a strong kick dealing 20-25 damage.

T - Candy Thrower

Throws candy-canes at an enemy dealing 5-10 splash damage. CTW throws 3 candies in each hand.

F - The Best Timestop of the Year!

CTW timestops freezing all the players for 6 seconds and being able to attack in the TS. It will play a Christmas carol and make the screen snow.

Y - Santa Dash

Instantly teleports to a player knocking them back and dealing 15-25 damage.

V - A Jolly Snack

Eats a candy cane healing half of its health. (50+ health)

B - Naughty Kicks

CTW kicks an enemy then doing a strong hit at the end dealing 25 damage. It also yells MUDA.



Only one picture showing its pose.