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BizarreDayFanStandMaker BizarreDayFanStandMaker 5 February 2020

Dio's Devilish Diary + Stands (fanmade)

So i had a idea for the devil stand (which was a admin stand and now is removed) and i wanted it to be a concept for a reskin for the ovas.

heres the image i made

the star platinum took way to long but heres the final product.

(dios devilish diary with devilish star platinum and the devilish world)

i hope you enjoy?

well this is mostly for edgy people ;p

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BizarreDayFanStandMaker BizarreDayFanStandMaker 24 January 2020

New Move Ideas For Stands

Hierophant Green - I have two move ideas for this stand.

Possession Grab - Grabs its enemy like Blood Suck and holds onto them with its tentacle.

Inside Possession - Goes into the enemy like Santana and can damage the inside of the enemy.

Kars - Like one idea for this spec.

Bird Form - You need ultimate life form (not in the game yet but probably coming soon). You can transform like Doppio 2 Arms and you pop out wings, you can fly using Z and its replaces J with a Feather throw. You can also spawn in hostile animals. Like a snake.

Thats all i have for now, they are not that great but i tried, ill probably add more.

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BizarreDayFanStandMaker BizarreDayFanStandMaker 27 December 2019

Caesar's Bubbles (Fanmade)

This is a fanmade spec not a official one.

Caesar's Bubbles is from Caesar's ability in Part 2 Of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.


(E - Bubble Punch)

Punches its enemy with a bubble normal damage. (2 second cooldown)

(R - Upper Kick)

Jumps kicking its enemy in the face dealing decent damage. (5 second cooldown)

(Q - Bubble Blast)

Shoots 5 of bubbles at enemies dealing lots of splash damage. (5 second cooldown)

(F - Hamon Bubbles)

A counter move by protecting its user by moving hamon bubbles surrounding the user. (10 second cooldown)

(T - Bubble Launch)

Launches lots of bubbles while jumping in the air dealing splash damage. (10 second cooldown)

(Y - Bubble Lasers)

Shoots Hamon lasers from its bubbles dealing strong paralyzing damage. (15 second cooldow…

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BizarreDayFanStandMaker BizarreDayFanStandMaker 27 December 2019

Flossing Emote

Someone timestopped right as i posed and it made me look like i was about to floss.

also im not a fortniter >:(

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BizarreDayFanStandMaker BizarreDayFanStandMaker 14 December 2019

Shadow The World Reskin

Note; This is just an idea for STW reskin. I made a reskin for STW, i made it look more like its original looks back then. 

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