A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki
A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

C-Destructive Power B-Speed B-Durability

|Passive|-Ability can't effect The User

Even GE Frog Move Can't Reflect Bubbles Maybe GER Too or Not

E-Arm Barrage/Kick Barrage Deals 4.5 Damage

R-Hard Punch/Hard Kick Deals Average Damage

T-Bubble With Eyesight (Removes Eyesight on 10/9 sec) Deals Small Damage

Y-Bubble With Water (Removes Water from Opponent makes Debuffs -10% Speed -5/10% Damage and Opponent gets fell down because of Water Remove and its move lasts 3/6 sec No Damage

F-Bubble With Friction (Removes Friction from Ground for 10/15 sec and Opponent Can't Get Up) Deals Small Damage

H-Beatdown (When Opponent Is Got Up or When Opponent Lost Friction)Deals Great Damage

Soft And Wet Holds Up Opponent And Start Barraging When Finishes Punching Opponent And Flew Away

J-Killer Queen AU First Bomb! (Like Other Bubbles If Touches Opponent Gets Blown Up)

K-Inside Bomb Bubble (S&W Holds Up Opponent And Gets Blowned)

Z-Bubble Fly Or Soft And Wet Makes Bubbles On The Ground if User Or Someone Step On Bubbles They Will Launched into Sky

X-Bubble Block (S&W Makes Bubble Wall)


V-Bubble Wall(Its Trap If Opponent Touches it gets Damaged)