John amadeus

aka Boi Dio

  • I live in ABD.
  • My occupation is getting hyped about ulf everyday (also every second)
  • I am a 9 year old

After the Data Reset.

uhh sup, i'm the guy who keeps commenting on pages, going to the discussions page for ULF sneek peaks and other stuff, and making Fan made stands in the blog posts
Discontinued pose


Get ender crimson for minutes and avenged it 3 times (by getting okc)

Get a kars

Get rspoh 2 times before it being unobtainable and obtaining rspoh and spoh when they were unobtainable

Got normal sp shortly after deleting mih on alt account


get a kars (accomplished)

wait for ulf (not accomplished cuz unreleased)

get manga (will be achieved but will take 500 years to do so)

well that's all

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