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Tell me a reality better than the dream...

I'm pretty normal. I engage in rigorous academics and sports, and I play games and socialize like all of you. Those who truly know me understand me as 2 different people. That is where the name "Duplexitas" comes into play. It is a combination of the Greek and Latin words for duality or balance and tranquility. I like to think of myself as the both corresponding parts of a whole and larger picture, rather than just limiting my perspective. Life is too short to think one way. Keep doing what drives you, and never give up. Trust people, and always ask questions. Don't waste your gifts. Do something meaningful with them.

-Duplexitas, 2020 (This page will be constantly updated if I feel I need to address an issue I have, or just want to state how I feel. This will also be changed and tweaked in order to help influence others in a positive way. Thanks for your consideration!)

My Achievements/Dreams

  • I have collected Kars/STW/MIH/OKC and helped others get STW, Manga and Ender KC, and various TW's!
  • I write for my school STEM as a project leader and manage operations for students!
  • Hope to make a few alts and start a collection of rare stands with my friends and followers assisting each other along the way!
  • I will be graduating high-school in 2 years, and will either be attending M.I.T or Stanford (Offers given from both, will later say which one I end up choosing)!
  • I can code, script, and design (Digitally and physically)!
  • Developing an open-world, underwater, Atlantis-esq RNG game with my close friends!
  • Hope to become an admin on this wiki, make a good friend in this wiki, and add more blogs and creations to the community!
  • Hoping to make Sectional, Far Western, and JO cuts in club swimming/ high-school meets!
  • I hope to start my own business once I graduate from college and grad-school (Hopefully with my great friends, and maybe new ones along the way)!

My Favorite Pages

  • Trading
  • Rarity Tier List
  • Trading Tier List
  • Community Guidelines
  • All stand pages 
  • Specs and Swords
  • Items (No preference here.)
  • Well Written Blog Posts (Any!)
  • A.B.D Trello!