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I think this is the record for highest on hot, but lowest replies


This profile is a mess and I’m never gonna clean it up


Edit this if you were here

Bruh.okbruh was here

Noob019298 was here, get well soon calamity


You have genuinely angered me! (place for me to listen to music)


“Your mom gay, lmfao, and your dad’s a lesbian”

- Sun Tzu, art of war

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we count to 69

You have found chicken man! He is my main appearance in roblox


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About me

An editor.

Stands: Kars, Shadow the World, Cracked Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Retro the World Over Heaven, Made in Heaven, star platinum


this is where i keep my episode

RobloxScreenShot20200725 074851915.png

bird pee gorilla poop

RobloxScreenShot20200821 075439733.png

i am capable of getting banned from every discord server

porn folder of every character in johnjohn’s kooky quest

i have a youtube channel named: Terra Seer, go subscribe or ill steal your Pucci X DIO yaoi erotica hentai

capable of remember the longest quotes from dio

i know Obama’s last name

has over 1K wins on critcal strike

has had a very disgusting childhood

have sleeping problems site for me to watch bootleg yt on my school ipad


the coolest admin 😎😎😎😎😎😎

why do people keep calling me a she, please help

has an OP block gun pls nerf

my pfp is a fucking time erase

Links i wanna keep B)))) (Toxic kid story don’t mind me)

Comics i made

my own discord server

my cool vid



gay anal sex/secks

ooga boogA

club penguin gif


I will not appeal, vandalizing more then 3 pages, removing content, using “somebody hacked or use my account“ is not an excuse for me. Using the wiki to trade aswell.


kars spinny move


RobloxScreenShot20200217 082245688.png
RobloxScreenShot20200222 154345190.png

Best Achievements

Seeing Ender Pearl 3 times


Getting Creeper and Neo on the same day.

Doing an instant kill combo with neo

Combo is: H, R, E, trap (trap is hard to hit) (NTWAU)

Meeting an admin, Alienette and Atem_Pharoh

Finding a Requiem arrow right after a guy asks for Requiem.

Getting Sphere with 5th try trowel

traded rtwoh for kars

Getting scammed in a good way, what happened: This guy asks to use my KC:AU, he had SP. He then scams me. I trade SP for Neo. I found a mono. Traded Neo for CGE. Traded CGE for KC. Used the Mono. Traded OKC for STW.

getting requiem for all of my accounts

knowing how king crimson works

killing ger with Anubis and nearly killing rtwoh and stw with Anubis. Also killed a kars with Anubis

beating 2 people with STW.

taking on 3 people with shadow

owner of the abd wiki discord (gave ownership to blaze)

killed ACT4 many times with SF5

Worshipped as a god using the beat down immortality glitch

i was once like “yo what if i get mono” then got mono, i sold it for 100k, stonks

If you want to contact me, check my discord or friend me.

Usernames: XxLord_ofOverSeersxX breatheoxygenxd TerraCalamity Eat_theBeans But_KinguCrimzon

waht do I dislike

people who vandalize

bupha 100%





people who kill/attack and leave

obnoxious people


waht do I like



All of the stands i own

club penguin


Q: Are you admin of the game?

A: No.

Q: Do you trade alot?

A: no.

Q: Are you on the bizarre day discord?

A: No, I got banned

Q: Why did you get banned?

A: 1st, got warned for begging on the raid party. Second was underage VIP link.

Q: Waifu?


Q: What stands do you dream of having for all accounts?

A: TWGH (ADMIN) STW, Kars, MKC, Pot Platinum, CD4C, an OH, CGE, and NTWAU

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