"The ending is something which has no ending. That is Gold Experience Requiem." - Gold Experience Requiem (Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu Rekuiemu, ゴールド・エクスペリエンス・レクイエム)


Universal (Shiny) Gold Experience Requiem is the Requiem Form of Cracked Gold Experience.

In order to obtain this form the user has to use a Requiem Arrow on it, which has a 1/4 chance to spawn randomly around the map every 37.5 minutes. Which then, you can press B while using Cracked Gold Experience and turn into Universal Gold Experience Requiem for 100 seconds.


Universal Gold Experience Requiem has a more translucent appearance, with the light usage of colors is what makes it look translucent. Its color scheme is mostly blue and white, with white stripes covering its legs, hands, hips, and knees.

Universal Gold Experience Requiem is a humanoid Stand, with many of its features resemble the original Gold Experience, including the ladybugs on its hands and the oblong grooves across its body. Its head extends into pointed tips with the back of the head hollow, giving it the appearance of a crown. Its eyes have a unique design among Stands, with the 'eyeballs' embedded in cross-like structure within slanted sockets. It has a requiem arrow-shaped object marked on its forehead.

It has an extended ridge collar on the back of its neck and several indentations and various other patterns covering its body. When it first appears, it wears the Arrow on its forehead; which eventually falls to the ground. Before, It was a darker shade of blue. Now UGER has a lighter blue and white appearance.  


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
This stand is only usable for a set amount of time and will return to its original form once the time is up.
Passive B
"You'll never reach the truth."
All time and gravity manipulation moves, such as Timestop, Time Erase, and Gravity Shift will be immediately canceled after they are activated. After the TS, TE, or GS has been negated, Gold Experience Requiem and its user will stay in a defensive stance. While active for 3 seconds, all attacks will be negated, dealing a superior amount of damage to your enemies. The GER user has no choice on whether to cancel timestop or time erase or not, however, this ability has a 25-second cooldown.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Evolved MUDA Barrage
Universal Gold Experience Requiem unleashes a flurry of devastating punches against the opponent. Its power and speed increase significantly upon transforming into its Requiem form. This is equal to an Over Heaven rush. This slows the opponent down. The user is almost invincible while using this.
Devastating Strength
6.25 damage per punch
3 seconds
Evolved MUDA Blow
Universal Gold Experience Requiem bashes the opponent with an incredibly powerful strike. On contact, it dazes the target, making them unable to attack.
Incredible Damage
45 damage
6 Seconds
Lightspeed Beam
Universal Gold Experience Requiem flicks a stone in the direction of the mouse cursor. Upon contact, the opponent is initially dealt a great amount of damage. The stone transforms into a scorpion, which poisons the enemy for 5 seconds dealing a good amount of damage.
Great Damage
30 damage on contact
5 damage every second
6 Seconds
Gravitational Debris
Universal Gold Experience Requiem slams the ground, creating floating debris. The debris is then fired at your cursor. Each piece deals a great amount of damage. This move can be used without having the stand out.
Great Damage
12.5 damage per projectile
8 seconds
Life Restoration
Universal Gold Experience Requiem restores a great amount of life to the player in front of you. This can be used to keep your allies in battle for a much longer amount of time.
50 HP healed per restoration
16 Seconds
Self-Life Restoration
Universal Gold Experience Requiem glides in front of the user, rotates around so that it is facing the user, and heals the user with its left arm, healing a great amount.
50 HP healed per restoration
16 seconds
Return To Zero (Willpower)
Universal Gold Experience Requiem and its user transition into a defensive stance, unleashing a massive Area of Effect bubble that resets everyone's willpower to fight for 5 seconds, thus allowing a free attack. This move also works with NPCs like Dio Brando and DIO. If used with teleport, your hitbox will still be there.

Note: You can dodge this ability by stand-jumping. Or anything that gives height. Players trapped within it are still able to attack though they are unable to move or turn, so be wary of that. You may also block any attacks while asleep.

No Damage
25 seconds
Stand Propulsion
Universal Gold Experience Requiem uses its legs to blast itself and the user a short bit forwards. Unlike normal stand jumps, this is a very small jump. This move is similar to Hamon's leap, but travels higher and further.

Note: This move has a very short cooldown, therefore it can be spammable.

No Damage
3 seconds


  • E(Hold) > R > (V > Y If needed) > T
  • R > T > E
  • F > E > R
  • R > H > T
  • T > H
  • E > R > H > F > E > R
  • R > H > E > F > R > T > E
  • F > E


  • UGER now has a new model since the devs decided to remove all meme stands (Except CQ.) including the Thanos skin.
  • Voicelines: to play voicelines press N. UGER's voiceline are: "You'll never reach the truth.", "Can you avoid destruction?" , "It's all over now." , and , "What you are witnessing is indeed the truth."
  • Like its original counterpart, Universal Gold Experience Requiem stats are null. But they are all truly S and not "Ø" as mentioned many times before.
  • Another similarity to the original counterpart is that its Passive B also works against TA, although it doesn't cancel it.
  • You cannot trade UGER/GER. The requiem sticks with you, and cannot be transferred from player to player.
  • This shiny replaces Volcanic Gold Experience Requiem and Gold Experience Requiem (Ruby).
  • After the rework. UGER transformation now lasts 120 seconds or 2 mins before you transform back to CGE.
  • Upon bringing your stand the user says: "Korega... Requiem-da..."
  • UGER still had GER's old model, and eventually got its proper model.
  • A "technique" used by some UGER users is rejoining when their requiem runs low or their hp gets low. This would let them use requiem again and have full health. (This has been patched you will now have to wait a few minutes before using requiem when you join a server now).
  • Using UGER is very useful for fighting DIO. Basically you can solo DIO.
  • UGER is very good at farming DIO, Dio Brando and Funny Valentine.
  • This stand has been reskined as of v 2.0.4 because its previous version was a bit of an eyesore.
  • There was a bug in the old map that gave infinite requiem for the user, that only worked for UGER and got patched after 1 week.
  • UGER use to play audio from the anime when it barraged (GER Diavolo beatdown) and also played audio from the anime for its R move.
  • When posing, it will play the piano part from Giorno's theme. This is also shared with Cracked Gold Experience.


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