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The content on this page currently has an unknown status or is currently unreleased, but has been confirmed on official ABD sources, such as on its Trello or was last seen as a Sneak Peek in the ABD Discord Server. Until then, this page will be locked to prevent people from adding false information. Please also note that the information can be outdated/inaccurate, as we also do not have enough official information via official sources.

"This is the Perfect being that Kars has turned into thanks to the Red Stone!” - Narrator describing Ultimate Kars (Arutimettokarusu, アルティメットカルス)


Ultimate Life Form is an evolved spec for Kars in A Bizarre Day that may be released in an update in the future. However, not much is known about this spec in terms of its movesets and how it will be obtained.


  • It was mentioned by one of the devs that they are putting this spec on a hiatus.
  • There is a 120 damage projectile, a cheetah claw with a barrage mode, a normal kars barrage, a lobster with the CR run and a float mode, a grasshopper with a long jump move and an ultimate hamon mode.
  • This spec is not allowed to be filmed technically, as it is mod only and unavailable to the general public.