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"Welcome to A Bizarre Day!" - Tutorial Pot Head (Chūtoriarupottoheddo, チュートリアルポットヘッド)


The Tutorial Pot Head is a somewhat new NPC that is located in  the Tutorial Shack. He wears a gray shirt and black pants, and a Pot on his head that appears to be too big on him, and he has a question-mark decal on his torso. He also learns his right arm on the table.


When spoken to, he will ask the player if they are new.

If selected NO, he will say "Oh, alright" and end the conversation

If selected YES, he will say the following:

"Welcome to A Bizarre Day!"
"To obtain a Stand you need to find and use a Stand Arrow, they spawn around the map."
"To remove your Stand, you can eat a Rokakaka Fruit, they also spawn around the map."
"You can also find Banknotes around the map, they can be used to buy stuff from Tom's shop or to pay other players."
"To pay someone you need to write '!pay (name) (number)'."
"To trade your Stand with another player you need to write '!trade (name)'."
"If you didn't know, this game is based off 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure', a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki."
"If you still have some doubts you can check out our discord server, the Official Trello or the Community Wiki."
"Have Fun!"


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