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"Good grief". You truly are the lowest scum in history." - Jotaro Kujo (Kūjō Jōtarō, 空条 承太郎)


This stand would of been obtained by using Jotaro Hat and can be transformed from Star Platinum. True Star Platinum looks very similar to Star Platinum, but some parts of it's design are different.


E + Hold - ORA Barrage

Star Platinum beats the target with an overwhelmingly fast (fastest barrage) barrage of punches with devastating power. This is the best barrage of all stands.

R - ORA Strike

Star Platinum pounds the target with a fast, incredibly powerful punch, sending them flying with good distance.

T - Star Finger

Star Platinum reaches out with its fingers to hit an enemy from afar, with a range of 10 studs. It deals incredible damage.

Y - Iggy Throw

Star Platinum pulls out Iggy, and lunges him towards the enemy. The impact of Iggy hitting a target deals a godly amount of damage.

F - Timestop (Suta Purachina: Za Warudo!)

Star Platinum stops time for up to 3 seconds.

H - Timestop Movement

When this key is pressed during a Timestop, you can move within it for the next 3 seconds. This only works when Timestop is active, and has at most 10 second cooldown.

V + Hold - High-Power Air Inhale "Beat it in a single breath!"

Star Platinum glides in front of its user and sucks in the air with immense force, able to pull in targets in front of it with a 10 stud-long range. This move can be held for up to 5 seconds.


  • Star Platinum is the first stand to have had a True variant.
  • True Star Platinum users receive Jotaro's hat during taunts or attacks
  • True Star Platinum had the fastest punch barrage as of September 19th, 2019. This has only been confirmed via sneak peeks.
  • It’s mostly Star Platinum: The World and regular Star Platinum combined, but with a Power Inhale.
  • It is believed that Star Platinum: Over Heaven and Retro Star Platinum: Over Heaven users will obtain True Star Platinum upon its release.
  • This stand may have more development than Shadow The World or King Crimson.
  • This stand has been scrapped, as said by Shutz, one of the abd developers in this screenshot.


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