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The Trowel is an item that you can buy in Tim's Pawn Shop for 3500 lire or by using the !claimTrowels command.

It is used for digging in the Sand Piles found at the beach. When you dig in the dirt piles you have a chance to find a random item.

Trowel's model is pretty simple and old for today's standards. The Trowel is made out of steel, while its handle is made out of wood.


Note: This item breaks after 3 uses. You lose the trowel if you get reset in any way, unlike other items that save when dying.


  • If you are troweling with GER and your requiem goes away, you will lose your trowel.
  • Unfortunately, this item cannot be put in your Item Storage.
  • Sometimes, the animation for digging will break and you will be stuck in the digging animation. This is caused when your trowel has one use left and you double click on the dirt pile.
  • The Pie Chart Link for the Trowel's probability can be found here.
  • The Trowel model is from CrossRoads, a game from 2007; this explains how "outdated" Trowel is compared to other items.
  • If you use Time Erasure with King Crimson, you will not be able to dig with your trowels.
  • During the accidental 50x event, masks, DIO's diaries, and requiem arrows were very common to obtain, making a lot of stands lose value.
  • Trowels are the only item that can't be stored in the bank.

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The Trowel when an item is found: