"Ol' reliable." - Spongebob Squarepants (Suponji Bobu, スポンジ・ボブ)


The Trowel is an item that you can buy in Tom's Shack for 3500 lire. It is used for digging in the Mud Piles found behind buildings near the arena, DIO's spawn, and near the big rocks at the edge. 6 dirt piles spawn every 3 minutes. When you dig in the dirt piles you have a chance to find a random item and a 25% chance of failure (finding nothing). "!claimTrowels" can be used to claim 2 trowels. It only works once. (Despite the fact that they're so rare, they can be common sometimes). Trowels are the only item that can't be stored in the bank. If you use maths, it takes 24 banknotes to buy it.

Trowel's model is pretty simple and old for today's standards. The Trowel is made out of steel, while its handle is made out of wood.

Chances of getting an item:

Note: This item breaks after 3 uses. You lose the trowel if you get reset in any way, unlike other items that save when dying.


  • If you are troweling with GER and your requiem goes away, you will lose your trowel.
  • When resetting/dying/using a Rokakaka/Arrow, you will lose your Trowel.
  • Unfortunately, this is unable to be put in the Bank Storage.
  • Sometimes, the animation for digging will break and you will be stuck in the digging animation. This is caused when your trowel has one use left and you double click on the dirt pile.
  • The Pie Chart Link for the Trowel's probability can be found here.
  • The Trowel model is from CrossRoads, a game from 2007; this explains how "outdated" Trowel is compared to other items.
  • It is very useful for farming items.
  • If you have King Crimson, don't use time erase( F ) because it will stop you from digging
  • During the accidental 50x event, masks, DIO’s diaries, and requiem arrows were very common to obtain, making a lot of stand lose value.

Audio Gallery:

The Trowel when an item is found:


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