The Train Station is a hidden area that is located under the map.

This Train Station is accessible by jumping into a vent in the Secret Room in the Sewers.


It's an underground metro, this metro has 2 parts, one waiting room, and a shop.

This metro includes a train that periodically arrives and departs. around every ten minutes.


  • This location was added in ABD Version 2.0.7a.
  • The train doesn't go back to its starting tunnel until it fully is out of the ending tunnel.
  • You can get on the train but it won't take you anywhere. It will simply move without you and eventually leave you behind.
  • You can see it glitched outside the map moving forward interval by interval along the floating rails.
  • Once the train goes out of bounds, it stays there in a while and then teleport back and then move to the train station again.


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