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"When I repeat something that is meant to be said once, it means the listener is unintelligent." - Giorno Giovanna (Joruno Jobāna, ジョルノジョヴァンナの7ページムダ)


Toxic Experience was a shiny variant of Gold Experience, it has been replaced with Volcanic Gold Experience, which has also been replaced by Cracked Gold Experience.


Toxic Experience is a humanoid Stand of slender build and average height. It dons a helmet-shaped dome on its head, and has ladybug brooches scattered on its body.

In contrast to its non-shiny counterpart, Toxic Experience has a mostly grey and green color scheme. Its helmet, gloves, boots and top are all dark grey, while its skin is a lighter grey. Its elbows, belt, wing crests and helmet accents are all a bright neon green. Its kneepads are uniquely a shiny green color.


Type of Ability Name Description
Toxic Wind
Every attack will obscure your target's vision, similar to Whitesnake's attacks.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
MUDA Barrage
Gold Experience barrages the enemy 40 times with moderate strength. This has a slightly shorter cooldown than most other barrage attacks.
Moderate Strength
3.5 damage per punch
4 seconds
Soul Punch
Gold Experience strikes the enemy, knocking their soul out of their body for 6 seconds. Although this move initially deals no damage, you can attack the soul with other attacks to hurt them.
No Damage
6 Seconds
Reflecting Tree
Gold Experience creates a tree below the user that reflects all damage, with it disappearing after 4 seconds. The user cannot attack while using this.

Note: This does not work Gold Experience Requiem or Over Heaven Stands.

No Damage
20 seconds
Gold Experience will heal anybody that touches with its left hand. This can be used to support team members in a battle. This has a similar animation to a punch but with a green trail.
Great Healing Strength
39 HP healed per restoration
18 Seconds
Self-Life Restoration
Gold Experience glides in front of the user, rotates around so that it is facing the user, and heals the user with its left arm, healing a great amount.
Great Healing Strength
39 HP healed per restoration
20 seconds