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"With every choice you made, you become more of my servant." -N'Zoth (N'Zoto, ん・ゾト)


The Titan Void Walker, or simply known as Void Walker is a non-canon Boss that spawned on the map during the Live Event. Its origins are unknown. However, it is affiliated with the Void Walker Servants.

Upon dying, they will disappear and make a loud roar. Its AI consists of following the nearest player and attacking them like similar NPCs. Upon dying, they will also fade into dark shards.


Its appearance is similar to the stand The Eldritch Horror, but with an enlarged model; it has fewer details than its counterpart. His skin is dark blue, he is wearing some pieces of what it seems to be armor on his arms and armor on his chest.

The most unique characteristic from the void walker is it's head, it's head has sharp teeth following with a huge mouth. Titan Void Walker has no eyes.


Initially, a Titan Void Walker is seen climbing the silo, used to be climbing the mountain behind the tunnel. He later got inside the silo itself.

After that he invaded the Beach, another Titan Void Walker later invaded the mountain near Tim's Shack . As in v2.0.7b, the Titan has been found near the silo, but not climbing it.


  • Cannot move in Timestop.
  • Doesn't have a health bar indicating his health, but still takes damage.


Ground Kick

Void Walker kicks the ground with extreme force. It takes around 30% of your health, it will also knock you on the ground. The effect of this move is similar to Over Heaven Stand's Reality-Shattering Pulse/Bolt.

Father Void Walker:


The Father Void Walker is the leader of the Titan Void walkers, they are also the leaders of the servants.


No physical appearance yet.


[USERNAME], you've shown courage against my servants. How will you fare against my power? I will soon come after you after the missile...
Dio. You are a fool to challenge me.
I shall send only 3 of my servants to your 'sewers'. Deal with them then.


  • Void Walker was climbing the Mountain earlier.
  • When Void Walker was still behind the tunnel, Titan Void Walker could be seen in his hostile mode.
  • He is very similar to the giant Eldritch Horror that was a "boss" on the testing of Vampiric Raids.


Audio Gallery:

Titan Void Walker voices when he invaded the Silo: