A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"My Radio got splashed by water on the way here- I mean, 'Buy something or get out!'" -Tim the Dummy (Timudamī, トムダミー)


Tim's Pawn Shop is a run-down shop that used to be owned by Tom but has been replaced by Tim. The shack is right next to the Tutorial Shack and near A Bizarre Park

A previous instant of the shop was Tom's Thrift Store, the store in the 2019 map. It was also located next to the Tunnel.

The current person that is running it is an NPC merchant named Tim.


The shack was colored in red, but after the Halloween event, its color got changed to orange. Outside the shack, there's a wood sign written "Tim's Pawn Shop". Inside the shack, a wet radio is lying on the counter, which constantly plays several different kinds of music at a low volume.

There're 2 boxes lying at 2 left corner of the shop. There are plenty of shelves with boxes on them.

There is a Sword and an untextured Trowel on top of 2 shelves, and you can't buy or interact with them. There's also a dispenser machine at the left of the shop. You can't interact with it, though.

Item List

These are the items that are currently sold at the Shack:

Radio songs

These are the list of songs that play on the radio inside of Tim's Pawn Shop (all can be found on YouTube):

  • Koi no Hime Hime Petanko
  • Kanashii Ureshii
  • Black Rover
  • REOL - No Title
  • Last Revenge
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Main theme
  • Yamada-Kun to 7-nin no Majo Opening
  • Harumachi Clover but its a swing arrangement
  • Black Rover but its a swing arrangement
  • Resister but its a swing arrangement
  • Hitorigoto but its an 8 part swing feel arrangement


  • This location replaced A Bizarre Shop.
  • Clicking the Spider Cola (removed) will result in it saying "Please tell Tom I miss him."
  • If you go to the waterfall, you can find a disk and if you get to the shop fast enough, you can put it in the radio. It sounds like footsteps.
  • Upon clicking the Radio it says: "You inspect the wet radio. It doesn't look very safe".
  • This location used to be called Tim's Shack, its appearance was also different, but it was reworked.
  • The shack used to be located at the top of the mountain where Funny Valentine spawns.
  • Banknotes can be found spawning behind the counter.
  • There's a tiny box that contains a Tom figurine at the outside, on the left side of the shop.
  • The radio used to rarely play a brief clip of the parody song " Oof me baby one more time".