"..." - Tim (Timu, ティム)


Tim is an NPC found in Tim's Shack near where the Tutorial Dummy is. This NPC is running Tim's Shack that he is working in someone's place. I'm not sure who is that.

Tim has a red shirt and a Tin Pot hat much resembling the Co-Owner of A Bizarre Day TORNADO98765.

Tim's facial expressions include a scar across the eye, a bothered look, and green eyes. Only one thing about the shop changed which is that the 'Action Figure' of Tom, the original Shop Owner, has flipped over covering the figurine. Tim has the same pose and animation of Tom the original shop owner.


  • You can create a D4C bomb of Tim but it will not take his appearance, it will just have the name "D4C Bomb"
  • Tim looks very similar to Tom which points to Tim being Tom's evil counterpart, similarly like TheGuestToBlame and TORNADO98765.
  • Much of him is unknown, however, he appears when the Dummyvillian announces to the entire server a message which states, "Listen, I don't have much time, I just wanted to update you on my findings. Tim has been acting really suspicious. I believe the key to solving this entire to find Tom. I leave it to you, (username). I wish you the best of luck."
  • You can still buy normal items in the shop.
  • It seems that Tim spends his money on his juice shop, hiring workers for his business.


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