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"Buy somethin' or get out!" -Tim the Dummy (Timudamī, トムダミー)


Tim is an NPC found in Tim's Pawn Shop near where the Tutorial Dummy is. His purpose is to act as an NPC that sells items for the player.

When interacted, Tim will say: 

"My radio got splashed by water on the way here-"
"Buy somethin' or get out!"

Then, the shop will appear.


Tim wears a red shirt and a Tin Pot hat, resembling the Owner of A Bizarre Day, TORNADO98765.

Tim's facial expressions include a scar across the eye, and a crying expression. Tim has a more aggressive pose and demeanor than Tom.


  • In a recent update, Tim's expression changed from annoyed to crying.
  • You can create a D4C bomb by using Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap of Tim but it will not take his appearance or name; it will just have the name "D4C Bomb".
  • Tim looks very similar to Tom which points to Tim being his evil/alternate counterpart, similarly to TheGuestToBlame and TORNADO98765.
  • Much of him is unknown, however, he appears when the Dummyvilian announces to the entire server a message which states, "Listen, I don't have much time, I just wanted to update you on my findings. Tim has been acting really suspicious. I believe the key to solving this entire mystery...is to find Tom. I leave it to you, (username). I wish you the best of luck."
  • You can still buy normal items in the shop.
  • It seems that Tim spends his money on his juice shop, hiring workers for his business.
  • Tim was revealed in a previous update to have 999999 HP, although he cannot be injured by any attacks (he is affected by Soft & Wet's F move, although he isn't damaged by it).
  • Tim may be a Stand user according to the Potwagon Foundation Member.
  • Tim used to be broken. You couldn't click him. The only way to fix this was to use a VIP server, being the first one to join. This was later fixed.