This ability is only available for High Ranks of the Community.
There's no way to have this in-game if you are not an admin/mod/developer of the game.
There is something that sounds familiar.
This is similar to another Stand/Spec.
Just in case, here is a link to the The World Greatest High.

"'A cloud of smoke covers DIO, this street looks familiar..."- The Narrator


The World Greatest High gives off a dark shadow theme, therefore, it gives off evil vibes. It has colors of red, black and purple. Mostly containing colors that are dark and scary. The World Greatest High is a staff only stand, meaning only Admin+ may obtain it


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
High Off Joestar Blood
Regenerate 2.5% of your total health per second.
Passive B
This is the Greatest High!
A blood gauge will appear to the side of your screen, as you do damage it'll fill up. After dealing 500 damage it will become full and you will deal 50% more damage, have 20 walkspeed, and have a 5% regeneration buff for 30 seconds. After this 30 second duration, the bar will reset. TWGH's blood-sucking attack charges this passive 3x more than the damage done by other attacks.
Passive C
I-Impossible! You stopped time?
You are able to walk for the first 2 seconds of other peoples' world of stopped time, however, you cannot choose when, only the first 2 seconds.
Passive D
Hamon Allergy
Due to your vampirism, you take more damage from Hamon-users.

Key Name Description
Muda Rush/WRRRY Barrage
The World ~ Greatest High has a 50/50 chance of doing a punch barrage or a flurry of kicks that deals devastating damage.
High Strike
The World ~ Greatest High throws a strong punch dealing incredible damage.
Throw out 5 knives in front of you at once, each knife dealing moderate damage.
Suitable Blood Suck
Grab and suck the blood of an opponent damaging them and healing you a great amount.
Timestop Donut
Timestop and punch somebody through the chest dealing superior damage instantly.
Final Timestop
A dramatic timestop long enough to end nearly any fight.
Stop time and jump in the air, after 3 seconds come out of the sky with a road roller and beat it along with The World ~ Greatest High for 5 seconds, at the 9 second mark you will jump off the road roller, time will resume and the road roller will explode dealing godly damage in a large AOE. This is an actual move now with The World Greatest High and Vampiric the World.
Stand Flight
Low cooldown stand jump that allows you to jump so much you might just be 'flying.' Is it a bird? A plane?! No! It’s The World Greatest High! This is similar to Dio's The World, when DIO was fighting to catch Jotaro.
Vampiric Dash
Dash far with your vampiric strength and speed.
Timestop Teleport
Teleport to a position within 50 studs.


  • The World ~ Greatest High (Admin) is a staff only stand, meaning only Admins+ may obtain it. If anybody else is caught using it they will be banned.
  • The World ~ Greatest High's moveset and the name was created by Bloodtaro and then voted upon by staff to be their official custom to share
  • The World ~ Greatest High was inspired off either from the color scheme of Part 3's final stand stats picture or from the color pallet from Heritage for the Future. The moveset itself is inspired off of the final battle between DIO and Jotaro.
  • The moves consist of Shadow The World checkmate and teleport, Vampire with dash and blood suck (And Shadow), The World (With Donut), TWGH and VTW Road Roller, Over Heaven with a long time stop, and any version (Except AU and shadow) of The World with E and R.
  • TWGH (Admin) has the old The World design. The new obtainable TWGH has the new The World design. (Eyes, pupils, more realistic abs, and more details).
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