"You will eventually gain the power of ''Over Heaven'' but if you do then you'll be my biggest threat. I shall end you here." - DIO, Heaven Ascended (DIO, Tengoku e itta, 天国へ行った)


The World (Over Heaven) is a stand that is owned by Heaven Ascended DIO and is featured in the final scenes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, a JoJo themed fighting game. This stand is also the Over Heaven variant of The World. This stand also has a shiny counterpart of itself: Retro The World Over Heaven.

This stand can be obtained by using a DIO's diary on The World. You can also use DIO's diary on Vampiric The World.


Similar to The World's model in appearance and build, The World (Over Heaven) bears the appearance of a tall, heavily muscular humanoid. It wears a headpiece covering its face to below the place of its nose, slanting at a steep angle from the base of its forehead to a peak situated above the rear of its head by about half its height, leaving the face of an inverted triangle visible to the front; somewhat similar to the Red Crown of Lower Egypt.

The main difference of The World (Over Heaven) when compared to The World is its color scheme, as consists of an angelic white base with golden accessories. Its eyes are inverted, producing black sclera, white irises, and black pupils.

It keeps its heart motif on its belt, but its knees have a large letter D instead of a heart, and its chin now has a circle instead of a heart as well. The World Over Heaven still possesses no visible personality of its own, but it's appearance mirrors DIO.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Ascended MUDA Barrage
Barrages the enemy with devastating force. This barrage is much faster than that of its original counterpart dealing 6 damage per hit. The user also takes less damage whilst using the barrage. There is a 50/50 chance of getting the kick or punch barrage. This attack lasts for 5 seconds.
Devastating Strength
6 damage per hit. Up to 480 damage when fully barraged.
5 seconds
Ascended WRYY Blow
TWOH charges its right fist and unleashes a powerful punch. This also does decent knockback, as well as ragdolling the victim, Combined with the kicking barrage, makes it a good combo.
Incredible Strength
45 damage
8.5 seconds
Reality Overwrite
TWOH will wind up its fist before launching it. It deals a pitiful 20 damage but if it lands on a player with only 20% of their hp remaining or below, they will be instantly killed.

Can be used on Funny Valentine and DIO as well, but it will only insta-kill them if they are at 10% hp and below.

The animation appears to delete the victim.

Moderate Damage
20 damage
40 seconds
Heal Overwrite
TWOH punches the target, healing the other person 25-50 HP depending on the user health. 
No Damage
30 seconds
Self-Heal Overwrite
The World (Over Heaven) faces it's user and then punches it's user, restoring 25-50 HP depending on the user health.
No Damage
30 seconds
Ascended Timestop
TWOH charges up a timestop, lasting for 10 seconds. You can kill anyone in this period of time. Unless they dodge it. The less health the user has, the shorter the timestop will be.

Note: This move can be canceled by Gold Experience Requiem's Passive and shortened by Made in Heaven's Time Acceleration.

No Damage
50 seconds
Reality Warping Blades/Knifes
The user throws a glowing knife, doing 20-40 Damage on impact, depending on the user's HP. This move is spammable and has increased damage and no cooldown in TS. This is currently the strongest knife in game. (With damage). Unlike its original version, this attack can penetrate reflects and Return To Zero, as well as hit King Crimson during its Future Sight.

Note: This ability does not require the user to have its stand to be out. Also note that during TS, the damage depends on where you're throwing the knife. If you're throwing it at the opponent's chest, it does a lot more damage than throwing it at their arm. It does the most damage if you hit their side.

Good Damage (without Timestop)
20 damage
Great Damage
(With Timestop, Chest)
40 damage
Good Damage
(With Timestop, Arm)
20 damage
4.5 seconds
+ Cursor on Target
Reality Shattering Bolt
TWOH charges up its fist and sends a blast of lightning to where the cursor is pointing at. Deals 50 damage and inflicts knockback by 10 units with a ragdoll. You can roll to dodge this.

Note: This move replaced Reality Shattering Pulse.

Incredible Damage
50 damage
40 seconds
Do a roll that most stands/specs can do except some stands and spec like Santana or Made In Heaven.
No Damage
3.5 seconds
Stand Jump
TWOH blasts the ground with his fists, propelling the user and itself forward.
No Damage
15 seconds

Reworked Abilities:

  • H -  Reality-Shattering Pulse

The World (Over Heaven) slams the ground and sends any opponents near the player flying upward. However, this move can be dodged by rolling, which makes the user vulnerable when not used properly.

Note: Star Platinum (Over Heaven) can still do this move.

  • T - Destructive Overwrite

The World (Over Heaven) winds up its right arm before launching it forward. Any player within contact of the arm will be dealt a godly 90 damage, ragdoll and decent knockback.

Note: The damage used to decrease as your health decreased, however it was later changed that the damage wouldn't decrease.

Battle Strategies:

General Combat Knowledge:

The World (Over Heaven) is a great stand for PVP. It has both far ranged and close-ranged attacks, making this a good choice for any opponent. H is really hard to land and shouldn't be used unless you were doing a stunt combo. Your move speed is severely decreased while doing H and your opponent can attack you then. It is also easy to dodge. Most of the TWOH's damage comes from E and R, but they are all quite slow so be sure to watch your timing, but once used right, your opponent's health pool can be immediately sliced to half and below.The passive and the new T allow you to shift your playstyle depending on how much health you and the opponent have.It is easy(if you have good aim) to clutch with a knife as at low health it deals great damage.T is a great executor move as it not only avoids block and other factors stands with high durability reach their 20% health faster than others with low durability so stands like OH's or Tusks will die faster.


The World (Over Heaven) is an extremely overpowered stand, almost as much as the likes of Gold Experience Requiem. It's very easy to kill any opponent in your way since this stand does not require much skill to use. Your timestop lasts for a whole 10 seconds, in which you can kill basically anyone you wish. All you have to do is barrage an opponent during your timestop and they're as good as dead. However, be sure to watch out for speedy and agile stands such as STW or KCAU and Made in Heaven, etc, because of these stand's mobility, they can easily overwhelm you by simply use their moves to go around and projectile spam.


If you’re new at TWOH, use this as a guide. (Please hit the "expand" button to see a list of combos.)

  • R > H (Medium)
  • H > E > R (Easy)
  • R > F > V > V > E(Hold) (Easy)
  • R > E(Hold) > F > V(Spam) > E(Hold)X2 (This combo can be used for Farming Dio Brando) (Easy)
  • F > R > E(Hold until it ends) > (go back a little bit) > V(Spam) > (when time stop ends) > M1(Spam Mouse1 [Left click]) >T Medium (Extremely good for farming Dio Brando).
  • R > (Move forward) > V (Must be timed so the stand doesn't return behind you) (Easy)
  • R > H (Easy)
  • V > H > R (Medium)

Pros and Cons:


  • Godly damage output.
  • Incredible ranged attacks.
  • High durability.
  • Healer, instant heal.
  • Long time stop.
  • Bypass many counters.
  • A rather cheap stand for such high damage.
  • Spammable projectiles
  • One of the stands that can change its playstyle by health.
  • Knives are spammable in time stop
  • During time stop, knives deal more damage in the chest.


  • Average mobility.
  • Some of the moves are predictable.
  • Most of the moves lacks speed.


  • This stand is non-canon, and originally appeared in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.
  • You can notice purple/pink particles that resemble smoke on the stand's right hand. It's the charge of T move, meaning if you don't have that smoke, the move is recharging.
  • V is currently the strongest knife in-game (However, its costly) if you count the damage, which is about 20 to 40 points of HP.
  • H has the same voice line as The World Greatest High’s B. However, there is no, “Shinei!”.
  • This stand is used by Heaven Ascended DIO.
  • EpicOofer added under technicalities on how skillful this stand is. That message will be a monument for years to come.
  • Voicelines are activated by pressing N. The voice lines are: "Filth.", "THIS IS TRULY THE GREATEST HIGH!", "ABSOLUTE WEAKLING!", and, "If this were a game of chess between us, this would easily class as checkmate."
  • It is vulnerable to high-speed opponents due to TWOH mainly do high damage outputs through attacks like Heavenly MUDA Barrage, Heavenly WRYYY Blow, and Destructive Overwrite.
  • You can use a diary on the shiny version of The World to obtain Retro The World (Over Heaven).
  • This used to be a rare stand because diaries would spawn instead of a drop from DIO, or by digging with a trowel.
  • Both Over Heavens' T moves have been reworked as of 6/7/20. What used to be a charged strike which dealt a godly amount of damage, they have been changed to become an execute type move.
  • As of the v2.0.6b update, this stand has the same block strength as Star Platinum.
  • Using the reworked T move, you can stop a beatdown (if they are at low enough hp for the insta-kill to work).



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