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"You will eventually gain the power of 'Over Heaven', but if you do then you'll be my biggest threat. I shall end you here." - DIO, Gone to Heaven (DIO, Tengoku e itta, 天国へ行った.)


The World (Over Heaven) is the Stand of Heaven Ascension DIO, the main antagonist featured in the final scenes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.

The World (Over Heaven) is an extremely high-damaging and powerful Stand but just like its other variants, it mostly specializes in Close-range attacks. With its passives and moves, this Stand can help the user win a lot of duels when used correctly. This Stand also has a shiny counterpart of itself: Retro The World (Over Heaven).

This Stand can be obtained by using a DIO's Diary on The World. The shiny version of this Stand can also be obtained by using the Diary on the shiny version of Retro The World. You can also achieve this by using the Diary on Vampiric The World.


Similar to The World's model in appearance and build, The World (Over Heaven) bears the appearance of a towering, heavily muscular humanoid. It wears a headpiece covering its face to below the place of its nose, slanting at a steep angle from the base of its forehead to a peak situated above the rear of its head by about half its height.

It keeps its heart motif on its belt, but its knees have a large letter D instead of a heart, and its chin now has a circle instead of a heart as well. The World (Over Heaven)'s color scheme consists of an angelic white base with golden accessories. Its eyes are inverted, producing black sclera, white irises, and black pupils.

As for the Stand's shiny, Retro The World (Over Heaven), the appearance hasn't changed that much. The main difference can be found in its color scheme. The shiny has a glowing greenish color, with a color scheme composed of neon colored versions of lime and white. Except for minor changes to its foot wear and attachments.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Ascended MUDA Barrage

The World (Over Heaven) does a very fast flurry of punches, twice as fast as the original variant (up to 80 hits in one barrage). This barrage has special properties, however. If it is a punch barrage, it will slowly move forward with each hit (does not apply to the shiny variant). The damage done bypasses some things, most notably counters, dodges and Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero.

Note: There is a 50/50 chance of getting the kick or punch barrage.

Devastating Strength
6 damage per punch/kick
5 seconds
Ascended WRYY Blow
The World (Over Heaven) charges its right fist and unleashes a powerful punch. This also does decent knockback, as well as ragdolling the victim, Combined with the kicking barrage, makes it a good combo. (this move is currently broken)
Godly Strength
45 damage
8.5 seconds
Reality Overwrite
The World (Over Heaven) will wind up its fist before launching it. It deals a pitiful 20 damage but if it lands on a player with only 20% of their hp remaining or below, they will be instantly killed. The move is tied to the aura on TWOH's right arm, when the sound queue plays the move is off cooldown. Also when the purple aura is visible, it is off cooldown, however it usually does not appear due to it being buggy.
Moderate Damage
20 damage
Godly Damage
Infinite damage(below 20%)
40 seconds
Heal Overwrite
The World (Over Heaven) punches the target, healing the other person 25 to 50 HP depending on the user health. Sets the purple aura on the right arm to green to signify it is healing.
Good to Superior Heal
25 to 50 HP healed
30 seconds
Self-Heal Overwrite
The World (Over Heaven) faces its user and punches them, restoring 50 HP.
Superior Heal
50 HP healed
30 seconds
Ascended Time Stop
The World (Over Heaven) charges up a time stop, lasting for 10 seconds. You can kill anyone in this period of time, unless they dodge it. The less health the user has, the shorter the time stop will be.

Note: This move can be canceled by Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero and shortened by Made in Heaven's Time Acceleration, despite The World (Over Heaven) being shown to negate Return to Zero in Eyes of Heaven. This move can also be stolen by Star Platinum's Time Stop Override.

No Damage
50 seconds
Cursor Position +
Heavenly Lightning
The World (Over Heaven) charges up its fist and sends a blast of lightning to where the cursor is pointing at. Deals 37.5 damage and inflicts knockback by 10 units with a ragdoll. You can roll to dodge this.

Note: This move replaced Reality Shattering Pulse.

Superior Strength
37.5 damage
30 seconds
Reality Warping Knife
The user throws a glowing knife, doing 20-40 Damage on impact, depending on the user's HP. This move is spammable and has increased damage and no cooldown in TS. This is currently the strongest knife in game. (With damage). Unlike its original version, this attack can penetrate reflects and Return To Zero, as well as hit King Crimson during its Future Sight.

Note: This ability does not require the user to have its Stand to be out. Also note that during TS, the damage depends on where you're throwing the knife. If you're throwing it at the opponent's chest, it does a lot more damage than throwing it at their arm. It does the most damage if you hit their side.

Good Strength (without Time stop)
20 damage
Great Strength
(With Time stop, Chest)
40 damage
Good Strength
(With Time stop, Arm)
20 damage
4.9 seconds

Reworked Abilities

H - Reality-Shattering Pulse

The World (Over Heaven) slams the ground and sends any opponents near the player flying upward. However, this move can be dodged by rolling, which makes the user vulnerable when not used properly.

T - Destructive Overwrite

The World (Over Heaven) winds up its right arm before launching it forward. Any player within contact of the arm will be dealt an incredible 90 damage, ragdoll and decent knockback.

Note: The damage used to decrease as your health decreased, however it was later changed that the damage wouldn't decrease.

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge:

The World (Over Heaven) is a deadly Stand for PVP. It has both far ranged and close-ranged attacks, making this a good option for any opponent. H is really hard to land and shouldn't be used except you were doing a performance combo or predicted your opponent's movement. After H, the opponent will be left stunned, take your chance and use barrage (if kick), R or T (if they are somewhere under 20%). Your move speed is severely decreased while doing H and your opponent can attack you then. It is also easy to dodge. Most of the TWOH's damage comes from E and R, but they are both quite slow so be sure to watch your timing, but once used right, your opponent's health pool can be immediately sliced to half and below. The passive and the new T allow you to shift your play style depending on how much health you and the opponent have. It is easy(if you have good aim) to clutch with a knife as at low health it deals great damage. T is a great executor move as it not only avoids block and other factors Stands with high durability reach their 20% health faster than others with low durability so Stands like OH's or Tusks will die faster.


While in a fight you normally want to use R for most of the battle, as it deals good damage with a quite big knockback and ragdoll. E is not very good against a fast/very mobile opponent like Kars, MiH, and Samurai because they will just go out of the range, but you can use it when absolutely any spec/Stand is close to you as the Heavenly Muda Barrage gives you a LOT more of durability along with a -50% knockback effect from other Stands, you can not be ragdolled while barraging and if your opponent dares to get closer and try to hit you, your Heavenly Muda Barrage will slow them if your punches/kicks reach them, dealing massive damage, this move is deadly if you use it as its supposed to be used.

T is good if you can land it. Normally, opponents would do a Stand Jump, evading your Reality Overwrite, this move is recommended to use when the enemy is close and stunned by you, or while in Time stop. Using B+Y which is the self-heal will give you a great advantage in combat. Always use it when you have 75% of your HP. No exceptions. V is one of the best knives in the game. It does pretty good damage that goes even higher when you lose health. It is also pretty fast and if you have good aim, you can kill opponents from far away by using this. Other Players may call you "a bad player or a noob" for using time-stop, my personal recommendation is to use it when you can, as you can literally kill anyone in this period of time. Don't use it on clean PvPs though, as it is an unfair move for the opponent. This Stand is a great one overall, you are deadly in close combat and powerful at long distance. It's one of the best PvP Stands in-game.

A very useful strategy/combo is while in time-stop, spam V, throwing reality-warping knives which will deal TONS of damage if they all hit (180 with full HP, even more at low HP). Using this Stand really requires timing and being patient, waiting for the perfect time to land your attacks to deal massive damage to the opponent. The passive allows you to play more defensively when at low hp allowing you to spam knives and is a great Stand if you can drag your battles so T and V become very useful if you can stall.


If you're new at TWOH, use this as a guide.

  • R + H + V
  • (Full health) F + T + R + (optional V/H once) + E (hold) (Until TS End) (Easy)
  • H (From 10 studs away) + C (get near the opponent when he is still stunned) + R (Ragdoll the opponent) + T ( High Dmg destruction Most Stand would be beaten within 2 Power punch if not) + V/E. Medium
  • R + V + LMB Easy
  • R + V Easy
  • F + V( spam) + R + H + C (roll towards enemy) + E (hold) Medium (This combo is most effective against Dio Brando)
  • H + F + E + R + B+Y/V (B+Y if you need to restore HP, V just incase you think they somehow dodge the attack.) Medium
  • H + C + R + E (Hold for 2 Secs) + (Medium)
  • V+R+V+E+T+F+V
  • R/T +V/H (its up to you if you wanna do both) + E (Easy - Medium)
  • F + V + V + V + Walk up to opponent + R + Hold E (At this point the Time stop Will End) + H centered on yourself if fighting a melee opponent or centered on enemy if otherwise. Should kill anyone and will slice boss health quickly.
  • R + E + F + V (Easy)
  • F + V (6 times) + R (Easy)
  • F + R + T + V ( spam until time resumes)
  • R + V + H + F + E + R + V (Hard)
  • H + V + R + E (Medium)
  • R + E (Easy)
  • V + R + V + E + H + V + R + V (Hard)
  • R + V + H + E + V (Medium)
  • F + E + R + V + V + V + H + E + R + V + E + V + R + T (This is most effective on Dio Brando) (Medium-Hard)
  • R + V + F + E (Medium)
  • R + V + H + V (Medium)

Pros and Cons:


  • Godly damage output.
  • Incredible ranged attacks.
  • Great combo potential.
  • High durability.
  • Heal is nearly instant.
  • Long time stop.
  • Knives are easy to hit.
  • Knives are spammable in time stop.
  • During time stop, knives deal more damage in the chest.
  • The shiny variant's barrage hits faster compared to the Non-shiny variant's barrage .
  • Good for farming Dio Brando and Funny Valentine.
  • The non-shiny variant's punch barrage extends in range over time.
  • LMB is one of the strongest base punches in the game.
  • Above-average block.
  • Bypasses King Crimson's (also AU)Future Sight, Gold Experience's Frog Deflect, and Joseph's Hermit Purple Block (barrage not included).
  • Can destroy any Stand/spec easily if used correctly.
  • R and V can always be used as a starting combo.
  • Spamming knives during Time Stop is very often an instant win.
  • Powerful and easy hitting combo potential.
  • Has the most powerful knife in-game.
  • H has a bit more range than Star Platinum (Over Heaven)'s H.
  • Lots of ragdolls.


  • Most of the moves lack speed.
  • Long cooldowns.
  • Lacks mobility.
  • Anyone can walk out of its barrage.
  • Heavenly Lightning has a windup that leaves you vulnerable.
  • Barrage has no stun or knockback.
  • Lacks stun moves.
  • Barrage goes behind bosses if you are too close.
  • Sometimes predictable.


The World (Over Heaven):

  • Voice lines are activated by pressing N. The voice lines are: "Filth.", "THIS IS TRULY THE GREATEST HIGH!", "ABSOLUTE WEAKLING!", and, "If this were a game of chess between us, this would easily class as checkmate."
  • This used to be a rare Stand because diaries would spawn instead of a drop from DIO, or by digging with a Trowel.
  • This Stand's Time Stop used to be shorter the less health you had, since it used to have a passive where the less health you had, all your moves besides E and R got weaker, and your V move got stronger. This passive as of now has been removed, and your moves will stay consistent no matter how much health you have.
  • While posing it will start to play Heaven Ascension DIO Battle BGM from Eyes of Heaven.
  • The oxygen tanks on the back are simply plain cylinders that aren't attached to the suspenders properly, and the tubes aren't attached to the oxygen tanks at all, instead, they are only attached on the head on both ends.
  • TWOH's stand jump used to be more powerful and higher than other stand jumps, but was eventually nerfed to a normal stand jump.

Retro The World (Over Heaven):

  • Upon dying, the user yells, "IYAAAAA!", from DIO's death sound in HFTF.
  • Retro The World Over Heaven's voice lines are, "Menacing Laugh", "You are next.", and, “This is the greatest high!". This Stand shares the same voicelines with Retro The World.
    • "This is the greatest high!" was previously "This is the greatest height!"
  • While posing it will start to play music on the background, the music was JJBA: Heritage for the Future - Dio's Theme. The music later changed from the original soundtrack to an HD soundtrack from the HD version of the game: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD Ver ost - Dio's Theme
  • When you roll, it plays a voice line ("Hmph."). This shares with Retro The World.
  • Retro The World Over Heaven used to be called, "The World Over Heaven OVA". This name was later changed to The World OVAH and finally Retro The World Over Heaven. But it is still sometimes called The World OVAH.
  • When using the !check [player] command, the game will say "The World OVAH" instead of Retro The World: Over Heaven. This is shared with Retro Star Platinum (Over Heaven)
  • For some reason, this Stand does not have the oxygen tanks at the back, as every other The World variant does.
  • When the cooldown for the T move is refreshed, Retro The World: Over Heaven will play a strange jingling noise.
  • The punch barrage does not go forward whatsoever.
  • Some how what the barrage for this variant is faster then the non-shiny version.
  • The Barrage sound and heavy punch sound has the same sound when DIO in HFTF uses road roller then barrages it.


Audio Gallery

The World (Over Heaven):


Work in Progress


Work in Progress


Work in Progress

"If this were a game of chess between us, this would easily class as checkmate."

Work in Progress

Retro The World (Over Heaven):

"*Menacing laugh*" "You are next." "This is the greatest high!"