"If this were a game of chess between us, this would easily class as a checkmate!" - DIO (DIO, ディオ)


The World is the Stand of DIO, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

The World is an exceptionally powerful close-range Stand, similar to Star Platinum. With its powerful dealing moves, this Stand can be very powerful when utilized correctly. This Stand also has a shiny counterpart of itself: Retro The World.

This Stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 0.4% chance (S Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow. As for its shiny, there is a 0.14% chance (S+ Tier percentage) of obtaining it. The World can be obtained by using a Bizarre Arrow with a random chance of getting it. Retro The World can be alternatively obtained by using a Shiny Arrow with a random chance of getting the Stand.


The World has a very muscular appearance and humanoid build, similar to Star Platinum. It wears a pentagon-shaped headpiece, covering its face to below the place of its nose.

The main color scheme of the Stand is yellow, with shades of grey and neon green on different parts of its body. It dawns two oxygen tanks on its back. The back of both its hands bears the shape of a humanoid face. Its chin, the base of its abdomen, groin region, chin, and knees are topped by neon green heart shapes.

As for the shiny, Retro The World has a more white, gray, and golden color scheme. Golden hearts are placed around on the Stand. On its back are twin diving cylinders, connected via short twin ridged cables to the rear of its mask; perhaps secured by thick, ridged, or puffed straps running from the rear of its waist over both its shoulders to its front. It has the same color scheme as The World from the OVA from 1993. Strangely, the face for Retro The World is different from its non-shiny counterpart as the chin/head appears to be more wide than narrow unlike its counterpart.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
MUDA Barrage/Kick
The World sends a barrage of 40 quick punches or kicks with speed similar to Star Platinum's ORA barrage. It has a 50/50 percent chance of kick or punching barrage.
Superior Strength
5 damage per punch
5 seconds
The World strikes your opponent with a very strong punch dealing incredible damage.
Incredible Strength
35 damage
5 seconds
Knife Throw
The player throws a knife. This move is ideally used to pick off enemies from long distances and can be used every three seconds. The knife will do incredible amounts of damage if thrown close to the victim during Time Stop.
Moderate Damage
15 damage per knife
3 seconds
Cursor on Target +
Impaling Thrust
The World stops time for a brief moment and doughnut the target. This move is not dodgeable, making it a powerful move.
Superior Damage
50 damage
25 seconds
Time Stop
The World stops time while the player shouts "Za Warudo, Toki wo tomare!". This freezes all users in the server for up to 5 seconds. However, Simply pressing F will end your Time Stop early.

Note: Certain Stands such as Made in Heaven or Gold Experience Requiem can simply eliminate your time stop, causing time to resume. Tusk ACT4 can move through stopped time upon using its Self-Nullification Blow. Star Platinum can override your time stop and make it its own.

No Damage
40 seconds

Removed Abilities

J (During Time Stop) - Time Stop Donut

You need to time stop in order use this move. The World will punch a hole into the player's abdomen in stopped time dealing massive damage. This ability was removed after the Road Roller update. This could only be used during a time stop.

Evolved Forms

(LMB + DIO's DiaryThe World (Over Heaven)

After defeating the likes of DIO, the user will glance at the secretive, vague paths retold to attain heaven. The stand user thrusts up DIO's Diary into the air, and thus evolves The World's ultimate form: The World: Over Heaven. This evolved form also applies for its shiny, Retro The World.

(LMB + Vampire Mask) Vampiric The World

The player pulls out the Vampire Mask and holds it up to the air. The player then forcefully shoves the Vampire Mask into their face. Instantly, The World will ascend into its Vampiric form, granting the player: Vampiric The World. This evolved form also applies for its shiny, Retro The World.

Battle Strategies


If you’re new with The World, use this as a guide.

  • R + Y + E Medium
  • Y + T Easy
  • R + T Easy
  • F + T + F (Cancel the move so it can pierce) Medium
  • R + E (Has to be kicking, not punching) Easy
  • F + T + R + F + Y + E (If the person is thrown into a wall.) Very Hard
  • F + E + R Medium
  • T + Y + R + F + E Hard
  • Y + R + F + E + (Hold) Medium
  • Y + T + R + E Medium
  • Y + Z (To get close to the opponent) + F + E (Hold) + R + T Hard
  • R + T + Y Easy
  • R + Y + T + F + E Hard
  • F + T + R + F + Y Medium
  • T + R + E + T + R + Y Easy/Medium
  • F + R + E + T + R +F + Y Medium
  • Y + R + E Easy
  • T (chip some damage) + F + E + R + T + F + Y Medium

Pros and Cons


  • Good damage output.
  • Y move is unavoidable, guaranteeing free damage.
  • Low cooldowns.
  • Time stop for 5 seconds.
  • T move is spammable, and a good zoning tool.
  • Low cooldown R.
  • Kick barrage hits ragdolled opponent leading to free damage.


  • Reduced moveset.
  • Very little combo potential.
  • Time stop's length might not be enough to kill opponents with high durability.
  • Except for the Y move, all attacks are slightly predictable, similar to Star Platinum.
  • Star Platinum users can counter your TS, as well as other Stands that can move in TS.
  • You cannot choose which barrage you will use.
  • Needs a little mobility.
  • Only 5 moves.
  • Very close range exept T move.


The World

  • The World is one of the earliest Stands in the game, being created when it first started production, with Pot Platinum being the first.
  • The World's voicelines are, “ABSOLUTE WEAKLING!", “WRYYYY", “Filth”, and, "If this was a game of chess, this would count as checkmate".
  • The Stand's design is based on the mascot for the band Dio, specifically the giant monster posing in the album cover of Holy Diver. The design of the Stand plays on the theme of a literal diver, featuring an oxygen tank on the back of The World.
  • This Stand is based on the anime color scheme of The World, rather than the manga colors, which are various shades of yellow.
  • When doing a WRYYY Strike (R move), The World rotates its fist the same way it did in the manga/anime when it punched a gaping hole in Kakyoin's abdomen in stopped time. This is also shared with any version of The World except Shadow The World since it does an uppercut.
  • This Stand was featured in the Easter Event as The Omelette.
  • Upon posing, it will play Dark Rebirth. This used to be Shadow The World's pose music.
  • It has been said this Stand as well as its variants will eventually be remodeled.
  • It was confirmed that this Stand will be reworked in the rewrite.

Retro The World


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