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"...---..." - Scientists sending an SOS


The Raft was,a raft located near the 4 Paper Boats. If you could see The raft if you,stand by the Grassy Bay.

Similar to The Meteor, not much is known about the raft and why it was here. On the raft, you could see what appears to be a Menacing Dummy without a face but is actually one of the remaining scientists travelling to the map.


  • The raft almost definitely corresponds with The Meteorite/Red sphere coming down from the sky.
  • "It approaches" may have something to do with either the raft itself OR the red sphere that is approaching earth.
  • You can sit in the same seat as the dummy. This puts you in a locked state that you can get out of through resetting character. Stands with a teleport ability can teleport out of the seat but cannot exit the locked state.
  • If near to the Dummy and the Paper that says "It approaches", The dummy says "H-Hello? Do you copy?" With the name "Sroqduhii (-3)".
  • The raft does not appear to be near the new island.
  • The raft was getting closer every day, it stopped moving when the new map released, after some weeks it got deleted and never reached the dock.


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