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"The gun is mightier than the sword!" - Hol Horse (Horu Hōsu, ホル・ホース)


The Emperor is the Stand of Hol Horse, a minor antagonist featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

As a gun Stand, The Emperor functions as a weapon for the user. One of its main and most dangerous ability is its ability to freely control the trajectory of its bullets as they are also a part of the stand. This Stand also has a shiny counterpart of itself: The Lugermorph.

This Stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 10.6% chance (D-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow. As for its shiny, there is a ~0.07% chance (S+ Tier percentage) of obtaining it.


The Emperor is a Stand in the form of a standard looking gun. However, it also has some futuristic elements in terms of its appearance. Such as the purple circle on it.

A metal frame covers the long barrel, under which is positioned a cylinder with no apparent use, as it is not connected to the barrel. The stand is also summoned directly into the user's hand. The gun has no sight, and a large purple sphere is combined in between the gun hammer and the barrel. It also has a smaller revolver barrel below the metal frame.

Overall, its design is basically just a revolver combined with an automatic pistol. The Emperor is portrayed as being silvery in most media, including the colored manga and anime. 

As for its shiny, The Lugermorph comes from the TF2 item, with the same name, The Lugermorph. Like any other shiny it's basically the same as the original, except for when you hit someone, Team Fortress's Hit sound (the ding) plays.


Type Name Description
Passive A
Emperor's bullet will deal 1.15x damage when hitting absolute headshots.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
The user fires the gun. If hit, it will deal 15 damage.
Moderate Damage
15 damage
The user fires a much more precise shot, this time aiming directly for the target's head, dealing a moderate amount of damage and slows the inflicted. However, there's a short cooldown before firing.
Great Damage 25 damage
8 seconds
Fan the Hammer
The user holds The Emperor with both of their hands as they quickly shoot out 3 bullets towards the enemy, each dealing superior damage.
Moderate Damage
15 damage per bullet
8 seconds
Dodge Shot
The user quickly jumps back and fires a downwards shot, dealing a low amount of damage. This attack can also be used like movement or dodging projectiles, such as knives.
Good Damage
25 damage
5 seconds
Hanged Man Combo
The user fires a shot in the same way as the E attack, dealing moderate damage, then the Hanged Man will say "I'm inside the mirror" and stab the victim, so it's technically 2 hits. The sound is deeper.
Superior Damage
35 damage per shot, 35 damage per stab
30 seconds
Shard Throw
The user tosses a shard of glass from their pocket, The Hanged Man will say "I'm inside the mirror" and stab anyone that comes in its vicinity, dealing incredible damage. However, the max amount of shards you could throw in a minute is 3 to 4, which will take a while you want to do more damage.

Note: This move is currently broken.

Great Damage
40 damage
20 seconds

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge:

This stand (despite what others may think) is very capable in battles against even the toughest stands. Its abilities are all similar in sound and animation when it comes to long-ranged attacks so people don't know whether its the big damage F move coming their way for a simple left-click or even some who think you do basically no damage at and not knowing what your traps are all leaving a lot of mind play to be used against anybody you fight.


Now at the start of ANY fight, you put down your glass shard (H). This move is the WHOLE reason The Emperor can compete with the likes of Over Heaven stands or stands without many ranged options as it allows them to be unable to get close and lets you use your LMB, E, R, and F. If they can't manage to deal with you quickly and stay away from the shard, you can keep placing shard and stacking up the damage dealt if they finally break and step on them. This will cause godly amounts of damage, quite possibly be able to kill them in one go, if they're around half health. Also, make sure to save your F for when you're trying to escape and have to dodge out of range of the opponent's attack using either your T or just a jump and roll. You can also use this when your opponent is standing still (Shadow The World eye laser charge for example) or if you are confident you can read where they will roll, it could lead a lot of damage given out. This hit and run stand is very annoying to deal with and heavily underestimated as it seems like a cowards stand. However, the reality is frightening that if used right, there are very few stands who even come close to this one's versatility, damage, and annoyance to deal with.


The only things that will give you trouble are stands with good ranged attacks and healing like The World Over Heaven which will just heal some of the damage you have thrown out at them unless you can consistently hit your shots while avoiding theirs. Time Stops and RTZ can be an issue since you have only one option to dodge attacks, which is your T (which isn't even a good option unless timed correctly). But the one thing you must watch out for is Spin as its projectiles can be spammed faster than yours for longer AND be redirected.


  • Use your H move to secure a good position (Try to stay near the shard) and don't let it build dust over time. Use it as much as possible.
  • Try to spam your Left Click, E, and R moves as much as you can.
  • Keep a close distance to your opponent. This may seem counter-intuitive but it can work well when you can dodge well, and when your close, you're almost guaranteed to land your shots. Use your T move as you're getting away from your opponent and use your Roll to roll through your opponent to waste their moves.
  • Use your F move carefully and make sure it hits to deal a lot of damage.
  • You can try fighting on a tree or a building so you can jump off when people use ts.
  • You can use your Roll and T to get from trees to buildings and buildings to trees.
  • Use T if any enemy is close to you because The Emperor has a really low durability
  • Make sure that you don't just fire randomly. Your bullets don't curve that much. Keeping your distance from your enemy is good, but you need to deal damage, so predict where they'll be going.
  • T can dodge Time-stops.


  • E + R + F (use on faraway players who are standing still) Easy
  • H + F (make sure the target steps on the shard before using F) Easy
  • (shift lock fps) E + R + F + T + H + (turn around, roll then turn back around) + LMB
  • F + R + E hard
  • T + R + (Turn around) + C + E + F + T + LMB + H Hard
  • LMB + R + T + E Medium
  • T + R (you have to do R right after pressing T) Easy
  • T + (mid air) R + H Good to scare off a charging opponent Medium
  • H + (wait for the enemy to walk into the glass)E + F + LMB + R + LMB Medium
  • LMB + E+ R + (go close to enemy and press T)+ F right after T

Pros and Cons:


  • Bullets can penetrate any block.
  • Long-ranged Stand.
  • Bullets are fast.
  • Lots of escaping methods
  • Hard to catch up with.
  • Can catch fast opponents off.
  • Lots of bursting potential when close.
  • Great for PVP because it's a long ranged stand.


  • Requires prediction and aim.
  • Doesn't have any close-ranged moves.
  • Barely any defense.
  • Very low durability (HP)


The Emperor

  • Voice lines: In order to execute a voice line, press N. The Emperor's voice lines are: "The gun is mightier than the sword! Mmmm, what a genius quote!" and "You signed your own death warrant the moment you underestimated me!"
  • The fact that The Emperor has The Hanged Man moves are because Hol Horse mentions that he only fights with a partner's stand, like when he teamed with J. Geil or Boingo.
  • The Emperor has a unique stand summon animation and sound effect, where you swing your right arm and The Emperor appears. 
  • This is one of five stands in the game to not be humanoid. Others being DKC, TADKC, Anubis and Mr. President.
  • The Emperor's bullets can bypass Epitaph, making it one of the few stands that can bypass this ability.
  • The Emperor's bullets supposed to bypass LT in D4C: Love Train's release, but it was fixed.
  • Before when there weren't any limits for bear traps/glass shards, people would spam it to farm DIO, but after the limit patch, it was gone.

The Lugermorph

  • The Lugermorph is based on The Lugermorph from Team Fortress 2, which itself is based on Max' Luger from Sam & Max.
  • Upon hitting an enemy, the hit sound effect from Team Fortress 2 plays.
  • The Lugermorph has only one voiceline: "I'm gonna buy me a scepter. And I can't promise I won't wave it in front of you, forever reminding you of this moment."
  • The Lugermorph cannot use the H move.