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"Ah... You think you know power?..." -N'Zoth


The Eldritch Horror is a Stand that was available for only in-game developers, which means that you cannot obtain the stand through any means. A developer once said in a server that it is like King Crimson but with zero cooldowns. Because of the fact that this Stand is only for in-game developers, it has an insane amount of damage output and it is hard to defeat with normal Stands/Specs.

The Eldritch Horror shares a lot of references from N'Zoth, which is an Old God from the World of Warcraft game.


The Eldritch Horror takes form of a black figure of light build and average height. Its most striking feature is that it has moving tentacles.

The Eldritch Horrors body is surrounded by red eyes. Its head has a mouth full of sharp teeth that fully covers the Stands face. It has no eyes (in the head) or nose.

In the Cry of The Void form, it gains a very large red pink tongue coming out of the mouth.

Sometimes The Eldritch Horror is referenced as an "alien" like Stand, reflecting both appearance and its origin from World of Warcraft.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
The Beyond One
Thanks to this passive, you can move in time stop.
Passive B
Uneartlhy Material
Thanks to your stand skin being of an unknown material, you will get a godly amount of HP.

Key Name Description
The Arms of Nyarlathotep
The Eldritch Horror throws a flurry of several punches with incredible speed, dealing 10 damage per punch. The barrage can be held infinitely.
The Lurker at the Threshold
The Eldritch Horror will perform a fast uppercut that deals 90 damage and knocks back the opponent. This move does not ragdoll the enemy.
"I have seen it all..."
The Eldritch Horror and its user will avoid all attacks. While active, other moves can still be used like before. Can be cancelled by pressing T again. During "I have seen it all..." your eyes will turn red similar to the King Crimson (before the rework).

Note: Stands like Gold Experience Requiem, The World (Over Heaven) and Star Platinum (Over Heaven) all negate this ability.

The Eldritch Horror quickly lunges forward and grabs his opponent, soon after he will suck his blood. Dealing damage and healing the The Eldritch Horror user. The Eldritch Horror can suck the blood of multiple players at a single time.
The Eldritch Horror and its user will "Erase Time". While active, you will be invisible and gain increased walking speed. You can use other abilities during the time erase.

In the users perspective, The Eldritch Horrors tentacles will move more violently and the sky will be given a red tone.

Cry of the Void
Makes all of your attacks 2 times stronger and you will gain a walkspeed boost for a short period of time. While active, The Eldritch Horror will stick out his tongue.


  • Voicelines: ".. I have dreamed your destiny, Mortal... The hour, is close at hand.", "The Light... Has struck a bargain with the enemy of all...", "Ahh... You think you know Power...?", and "With every choice.. You become more my servant..".
  • While posing, it will play The Only Thing They Fear is You from the game DOOM Eternal.
  • When using the !check command, the name of the stand would show up as "Sugondese". A while ago when you checked (!check) it the name of it would be "Joe Mama", It has been changed in later updates to "Eldritch Horror".
  • This stand was the custom of the now retired Devourer_Yaldabaoth, who later made it a custom for the rest of the developers. Only developers are able to access it. (Stand isn't obtainable by Arrow nor evolving other Stands)
  • At some point in the game, the stand was "obtainable" with a glitch in the coding, meaning some players randomly got the stand, so they had the opportunity to try out the stand for a day or so before the developers fixed the issue.
  • The Eldritch Horror is able to "erase" time forever.
  • This stand is a reference to H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.
  • The F move, Azathoth, is a reference to a Lovecraftian Outer God, Azathoth.
  • Similarly, E, the Arms of Nyarlathotep, is a reference to the Outer God Nyarlathotep.
  • The R move's name is the name of a novel based on Lovecraft's works.
  • Passive A is a reference to the Lovecraftian Outer God, Yog-Sothoth. It is one of his nicknames.
  • Devourer_Yaldabaoth really loved Lovecraft's work, hence all the references.
  • The stats actually have meanings: ⊕ means Earth, ☉ Means the Sun and ♃ means Jupiter.
  • In the Vampire/Void walker raids it is shown that there may spawn a gigantic Eldritch horror.
  • This stand voicelines is a reference to N'Zoth from World of Warcraft.
  • The Eldritch Horror is usually called Void Walker, however they are different from each other.
  • The Eldritch Horror's quote color is red rather white.
  • As of 8/27/2020, Admins and Developers can no longer use this stand, likely because of the lag it causes.
  • Some lines of this stand are the same as the Void Walker.


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