This ability is only available for High Ranks of the Community.
There's no way to have this in-game if you are not an admin/mod/developer of the game.

"Ah... You think you know power?..." -N'Zoth


The Eldritch Horror is a stand available for in-game developers. This means that you cannot obtain it. A developer once said in a server that it is like King Crimson Over Heaven but with zero cooldown.


[PASSIVE A] - "The Beyond One"

Thanks to this passive, you can move in timestop.

[PASSIVE B] - "Unheartly Material"

Thanks to your stand skin being of an unknown material, you will get a godly amount of HP.

E + Hold - The Arms of Nyarlathotep

A barrage that deals 8 dmg per punch.

R - The Lurker at the Threshold

An uppercut that deals a godly amount of damage.

T - I have seen it all...

The user dodges all incoming attacks.

Note: Requiem and Over Heaven stands completely disregard this move.

Y - Devourer

Grab and suck the blood of an opponent damaging them and healing you.

F - Azathoth

The Eldritch Horror "erases" time for as much as he wants.

H - Cry of the Void

Makes your attacks estimated at 15x stronger.


  • When using the !check command, the name of the stand would show up as "Sugondese". A while ago when you checked (!check) it the name of it would be "Joe Mama", It has been changed in later updates to "Eldritch Horror".
  • This stand was the custom of the now retired Devourer_Yaldabaoth, who later made it a custom for the rest of the developers. Only developers are able to access it. (Stand isn't obtainable by Arrow nor evolving other Stands)
  • At some point in the game, the stand was "obtainable" with a glitch in the coding, meaning some players randomly got the stand, so they had the opportunity to try out the stand for a day or so before the devs fixed the issue.
  • The Eldritch Horror is able to "erase" time forever.
  • This stand is a reference to H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. 
  • The F move, Azathoth, is a reference to a Lovecraftian Outer God, Azathoth.
  • Similarly, E, thee Arms of Nyarlathotep, is a reference to the Outer God Nyarlathotep.
  • The R move's name is the name of a novel based on Lovecraft's works.
  • Passive A is a reference to the Lovecraftian Outer God, Yog-Sothoth. It is one of his nicknames.
  • Devourer_Yaldabaoth really loved Lovecraft's work, hence all the references.
  • The stats actually have meanings: ⊕ means Earth, ☉ Means the Sun and ♃ means Jupiter.
  • In the vampire/voidwalker raids it is shown that there may spawn a gigantic Eldritch horror.
  • This stand voicelines is a reference to N'Zoth from World of Worldcraft.
  • The Eldritch Horror is usually called Void Walker, however they are different from each other.
  • The Eldritch Horror's quote color is red rather white.
  • Its tentacle is also seen animated.


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