"Magnificent..." -Sailors discovering the Crystal (Funanori, 船乗り)


The Crystal is located near the left of The Frightened Miner's Cave. If you glitch through the "Cave" and look to the left you will see it.

At night, The Crystal turns fully black with a bright outline. Very little is known to cause this at the moment.

Before the Ocean Missile Silo was removed, The Fallen Star was pushed up into the air, to the right of the missile silo. It was seemingly moving toward The Crystal with every passing day. It is unknown why this minor event occurred, although it is probable that it was never supposed to.


The Crystal seems to be a tall, Glacier type thing that has various sides to it. It is normally water colored during the day, and completely black during night. This has been spotted many times and you can see the top of it during the day over a wall near the docks to the right.


  • This is a secret area only accessible via glitches, such as Soft & Wet's infinite Z glitch or Made in Heaven's V.
  • The Crystal can be seen from the main island.
  • It's possible to get inside the Crystal by using MiH's V.


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