A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"Magnificent..." - Sailors discovering the Crystal (Funanori, 船乗り)


The Crystal is a large, glowing rock embedded into an island near Island De Bizarre that can only be accessed by certain abilities. At night, the Crystal turns fully black and its glow becomes more visible.

In a minor event, The Fallen Star was travelling closer to the Crystal every day before being removed.


The Crystal is a very tall, slightly reflective rock with a pink outline and glow. Due to its reflectiveness, the Crystal is grey with pink stripes during the day and pitch black during the night.

Because of ROBLOX limitations, the pink stripes can only be seen by getting close to the Crystal.


  • It's possible to get inside the Crystal by using MiH's V.
  • The models for the crystal and its outline are called Meshes/rock4 and Meshes/rock4flippednormals, respectively.