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"I must be high..." - TheGuestToBlame (Gesuto, ゲスト)


TheGuestToBlame is a NPC that appears to be inside a boat located in the beach near Sand Piles.

TheGuestToBlame is a direct reference to ABD's old owner before the ownership was transferred to TORNADO98765. 

TheGuestToBlame NPC was removed in the 2020 Halloween map update.


In appearance, TheGuestToBlame is a humanoid character with a pot hat similar to how the Menacing Dummies have. His color scheme is very similar to the rest of the NPCs, having a menacing blue shirt, black pants, and a pot on his head.


  • On the Easter Event, this character was holding a brown egg.
  • Old Guest doesn't have any interactions.
  • Guest used to had a text bubble that said: "I must be high."
  • Guest said the infamous line: "I must be high." in Project Jojo.
  • Guest could've been seen inside of a jar next to Nado in Peaceful Park.
  • There were three Guests on the old map.
  • TheGuestToBlame has recently retired from being the owner of A Bizarre Day. A statue of him was built on the hill, next to Funny Valentine's spawn to show him respect.