"I must be high..." - TheGuestToBlame (Gesuto, ゲスト)


TheGuestToBlame is the old owner of ABD and he appears as an "easter egg" located in Peaceful Park sitting next to Nado. He doesn't have any purpose, you can interact with him unless it is the guest not inside a jar. Upon interacting with him, he said:


In Appearance, TheGuestToBlame is a humanoid character with a pot hat similar to how the Menacing Dummies have. His color scheme is very similar to the rest of the NPCs, having a menacing blue shirt, black pants, a pot on his head, and inside a jar.


  • On the Easter Event, this character was holding a brown egg.
  • Old Guest doesn't have any interactions.
  • Guest used to had a text bubble that said: "I must be high."
  • Guest said the infamous line: "I must be high." in Project Jojo.
  • Guest can be found in a road roller near the tunnel.
  • Guest can be seen inside of a jar next to Nado in the new map.
  • There are three guests on the old map.
  • TheGuestToBlame has recently retired from being the owner of A Bizarre Day. A statue of him was built on the hill, next to Funny Valentine's spawn to show him respect. Thank you for everything, Guest.


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