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TORNADO98765's And Denzee's Soviet Island (often shortened to simply as Soviet Island) was a secret and small island located far away from the main map. This island was mainly used as a building ground for developers and contained some W.I.P. models for Ultimate Life Form, Ratt, Red Aja Mask, Ultimate Life Form, One More Time, etc. There was also an NPC inside the cabin named The Interrogation Man.



A sign sitting on the grass. This is not in the game's original map. You can find it if you made a bug. However, it's really hard to find and visit because it was intentionally placed behind the invisible walls of the game.

Interrogation Man

A man inside the cabin placed on TORNADO98765's And Denzee's Soviet Island. There seems to be nothing incredibly suspicious or interesting about him. We don't know if he is a reference or based on a real Roblox character.