A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"I might be some ruthless imbecile, but I can certainly beat the hell out of you, even with that tacky ‘Stand Power’ of yours!" - A Man of Honor (Meiyo Aru Otoko, 名誉ある男)


The Sword is a non-canon spec that deals a moderate amount of damage at a short distance. The sword also has a shiny variant of itself, simply named the Shiny Sword.

Apart from its difference in appearance however, the Shiny Sword actually deals more damage than the vanilla sword, unlike any of the other shiny stand/spec variants.

You can obtain this spec from the shop for £13,500. As for the Shiny Sword, you can also obtain it from the store, albeit at a higher price of £30,000.


The sword has a simple appearance. It has a golden guard, with a blue handle and a silver blade, identical to the linked sword model from ROBLOX.

As for the Shiny Sword, It has a huge dark blade with a small handle, with a hole on the blade's bottom. The sword possesses no guard whatsoever. It also takes the form of a bulky sword that emanates a menacing, red glow.

When you unequipped the shiny sword, it looks like a Dark Heart. This sword's design is also inspired by the Dragonslayer sword from Berserk though it's designed to look more of Asta's sword from Black Clover.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
The player cannot attack unless they unsheathe their sword, excluding non-sword attacks.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Slash You swing your sword.
Moderate Damage
10-19 damage
The user pulls their sword back, and shoves the target doing a good amount of damage, while also pushing them back a decent distance.
Good Damage
25 damage
Whirlwind Slash
The player twists their sword around their body, rotating 3 times. Anyone that is hit by the sword will be dealt a great amount of damage. For the regular sword, it cannot hit more than one time. But for the Shiny Sword, it can hit up to 3 times or more. Regular sword doesn't stun, but the shiny variant ragdolls.
Good Damage
15 damage

Great Damage (Shiny Sword)
30 damage
Hefty Boot
The player kicks the opponent in the crotch and flings the target back, dealing a moderate amount of damage and can extend combos if you attack before they get up. Similar to forceful shove, but has a shorter windup and does not go below the belt.

You can use this move without unsheathing your sword.

Good Damage
15 damage

Great Damage (Shiny Sword)
30 damage

Evolved Forms

(Sword + Samurai Teacher's Quests) - Samurai

After completing the Samurai Teacher's Quest, you will obtain the evolved spec of the sword called the Samurai.

Battle Strategies


  • E + T + R Easy
  • E + LMB + T Easy
  • R + LMB + E Easy
  • R + E + T + LMB Easy
  • LMB+LMB+R+LMB Easy
  • T + E. Easy
  • R + T + E Easy
  • T + R Easy
  • T + R + E Easy
  • T + R + LMB + LMB + E Medium
  • LMB + R Easy
  • R + LMB + T + E + LMB Medium
  • T + R + E + LMB Easy
  • T + LMB + E + LMB + R Easy

Pros and Cons:



  • E and T can cancel barrages.
  • T can be used without unsheathing your sword.


  • High cooldown for most of the moves.
  • Low health.
  • Very limited range.

Shiny Sword:


  • Increased range and damage.


  • The large model may block your view if you're in first-person mode.



  • This can turn into its evolved form, Samurai, but would require you to complete the Samurai quest, which the requirement for this spec is to deal 150k damage.
  • The sword spec is the only spec/stand in-game where its shiny version is actually stronger than its regular part.
  • When posing, it plays the Sword Fights on The Heights' Theme, but it has now been replaced with Emiya's Theme.
  • You can also use T (your kick) without having your sword out.
  • Different from its shiny counterpart, Sword's E and T can cancel any barrage and ragdoll people even if they are blocking.
  • If you were using Sword in the new winter map, you will go through the snow and usually fall off the map or land on the sewer roof. However, this does not happen at the soccer field.

Shiny Sword:

  • The Shiny Sword can go through Counters such as STW's H. It is unknown if this is intentional or not.
  • This is the only shiny ability that is stronger than its original counterpart, with more damage and more range.
  • This sword's design is inspired by the Dragonslayer sword from Berserk and Asta's sword from Black Clover.
  • The old design of Shiny Sword was based on the Diamond Sword from Minecraft.
  • This sword is also known as the "Dragon Slayer" in A Bizarre Day Trello.
  • The pose is a reference to the cover of Dark Souls III, showing the pose of the Soul of Cinder.
    • The song that plays while posing is also called Soul of Cinder.
  • Originally the shiny sword didn't contribute any damage to the samurai quest, however this was later changed.
    • Shiny Sword was able to farm in VIP servers and could farm the Damage Taking Dummy. Because its hitbox stayed even after it died, you could abuse these three points to AFK in a VIP server with an autoclicker. This is not available right now as Shiny Sword may have been fixed and the Damage Taking Dummy Machine has been disabled.