"Didn't you say that everything should have a name? I want to give her a name too... Stone Free... because I want to be free from this 'Stone Ocean'!" - Jolyne Cujoh, (Kūjō Jorīn, 空条 徐倫)


Stone Free, commonly shortened to STF, is the Stand of Jolyne Cujoh, the main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean(Part 6).

Stone Free usually manifests as an ability that unravels the user's different body parts into a string, but ultimately has a base form of a powerful close-range humanoid Stand.

This Stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 4% chance (A-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow.


Stone Free wears what appears to be a pair of green sunglasses varying in darkness, and obscuring vertically ridged eyes.

Cones truncated at a length of one-third the width of its head protrudes from the region of the ears. It wears elliptical shoulder pads with a snakeskin-like pattern and dark colors.

Several patches of its lightly-shaded body reveal a fibrous interior, wound horizontally. Its forehead, neck, arms, and the area from its midriff to the top of its feet bear small, evenly spaced studs/bumps. Composed of string, when unraveled its texture is like silk, apparently smelling of soap. Stone Free is portrayed in most media featuring it as being cyan; the string itself is portrayed as white. 

Movesets / Abilities:

Type of Ability Name Description
Vindictive Side
At low HP, your damage will be greatly increased. At or under 33% of your max health, most of your moves will deal 2.15x of their original damage.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
ORA Barrage
Stone Free pummels the enemy 50 times at a rapid pace and at superior strength, similar to her father's stand: Star Platinum.
Devastating Strength
3.5 to 7.53 damage per punch
5 seconds
ORA Punch
Stone Free punches the enemy, dealing superior damage.
Superior Damage
35 to 75.25 damage
7 seconds
Baseball Throw
Stone Free equips a baseball and throws it in front of the user. Anyone hit by the baseball is dealt a superior amount of damage.
Great Damage
35 damage
30 seconds
Reel In
Stone Free entangles the person the user has their cursor on, dragging them into Stone Free's range before punching them away and dealing a superior amount of damage.

Note: This move may be a bit buggy, and your opponent could escape out of the punch's range before you can hit them.

Superior Damage
35 to 75.25 damage
45 seconds
Web Barrier
Stone Free creates a barrier similar to Hierophant Green's T, anyone who touches the strings will take good damage and will be wrapped around it, causing the person who touched it to be stunned.

Note: This move bypasses stand block.

Good Damage
5 damage per web
25 seconds
Stone Free puts a string on the ground next to the person the user has laid their cursor on. The player/NPC affected by this move will not be able to move outside of the string's range for 4 seconds. You have to be standing close to the target in order to put a string on them.
No Damage
15 seconds
The user will charge forward and do a simple uppercut. Deals good damage and knockback. This move can be used without stand needing to be out.
Superior Damage
35 to 75.25 damage
15 seconds
Wound Stitch
Stone Free will go in front of its user stitch their wounds, healing them by a good amount.
Good Healing
25 HP healed
30 seconds
The user does a simple kick. Deals a small amount of damage and decent knockback.

Note: This can be used without the user needing to bring its stand out.

Good Damage
15 to 35.25 damage
15 seconds


  • R + Y Easy
  • R + Y + C + E + T Easy
  • R + T (if youre fast enough, you can move while using T) Hard
  • R + Y + T Easy
  • F + T + E + R Medium
  • Y + T + R + F + E + R Medium
  • F + R + Y + T Medium
  • B + Y + T + R Medium
  • Y + H + T + R + J + B + E(Hold) Medium/Hard
  • F + Y + H + E(Hold until H move is about to wear off) + R + C + J + B + T Medium/Hard
  • Y + H + B/J/E + R + T Note: The R move must be used when your H move ends. Medium/Hard
  • H + Y + B + J + R + E + F Hard
  • R + Y + T + C + H + F(Optional) + B + R Hard
  • R + Y + C + F + E Hard
  • H + B or J + R + T Medium to Hard
  • F + Y + C + R + T + Z + E Easy
  • H + F + B Note: You have to jab the victim into as much webs as possible with J. Easy
  • Y + T + C (get closer) + J + R Hard
  • J + E + B (Get close) +R + T Medium
  • E + R + Y (If your opponent is near or get them in Y's range) Easy
  • R + T + C + F (Optional) + H + E + Y/R Editor's Note: when using barrage with H make sure to do it while going around them so you wont get hit Medium
  • H + R + E + Y + T (Optional) + B Easy
  • f+ (go behind the web) y+h (try to drag the person through the web again)+t+j+b. This will destroy multiple stands easily if you dont have the vindictive side, and can probably destroy every stand with vindictive side. Its even better if you manage to land a final R after the B. Very Hard

Pros and Cons:


  • Great variety of moves.
  • Great combo potential.
  • Great damage output.
  • Self-Heal.
  • Good durability.
  • Less health means more damage.


  • Baseball throw has a long cooldown for a projectile.
  • Wound stitch has a long cooldown.
  • Struggles to get closer without T, Y or H. (all this moves has a long cooldown)
  • Baseball throw is easy to predict.


  • Stone Free's name is a reference to the song "Stone Free " by Jimi Hindrix.
  • Off Brand by LSKR plays as the pose music for Stone Free.
  • Stone Free's voice lines are, "Give me a damn break...", and, "I'm the one giving orders around here. Got it?"
  • Stone Free is often abbreviated to SF6 instead of SF to avoid confusion with Sticky Fingers.
  • It has black trails following its fists when punching but it's very hard to notice unless barraging.
  • This is one of the few stands that have a healing move that can be obtained by using Arrows.
  • As of now, Wound Stitch (V) can be used without having to bring out Stone Free. This is most likely a bug.
  • This is the only stand that has a female's voice/ has a female as the real user in the game.
  • When you call out Stone Free, you can see Smile face.
  • When using Wound Stitch, the healing spell sound from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is played very briefly.
  • Stone Free has a unique roll animation. This animation is also shared with Sticky Fingers and Star Platinum.



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