Steve Platinum is a shiny variant of Star Platinum (Over Heaven). As a shiny, Steve Platinum is a reference to "Minecraft", a 3D sandbox/adventure game, with the reskin/shiny being a reference to one of the default skins inside said game called "Steve".

Similar to Star Platinum (Over Heaven), Steve Platinum possesses a lot of the similar Moves/abilities of its original variant, excluding the Reality Overwrite: Restoration Barrage, which is replaced by Wall Construct.

Steve Platinum can be obtained by using a Shiny Arrow on No Abilities with a 10% chance.


Steve Platinum takes the appearance of "Steve", the default player skin in Minecraft. This specific variation of Steve is based on version rd-132328, where Steve (called Human) is shown with a beard.

Steve is seen wearing a cyan shirt, dark blue pants and grey shoes, as seen in Minecraft. It is also seen having appearance features such as its blue eyes, dark brown skin and a brown nose.

The main difference between its Minecraft and ABD appearance however, is that Steve has no hair in game, compared to its Minecraft appearance, where it has brown colored hair.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Wood Punching Barrage
Steve Platinum throws 80 reality-warping punches, each dealing 6.25 damage. This move has a 1-second startup animation before the barrage starts.
Superior Damage
6.25 damage per punch
6 Seconds
Critical Hit
Steve Platinum charges a punch as powerful as a Creeper explosion and deals an incredible amount of damage.
Incredible Damage
45 damage
8 Seconds
World Save Overwrite
Steve Platinum charges its right fist for 2 seconds, then strikes the opponent. This deals 20 damage on hit, however it will instantly kill all players below 20% or bosses/NPCs below 10%.
Moderate Damage
20 damage
30 Seconds
Wall Construct
Make a wall with Steve Platinum by breaking the ground materials and placing them forward. This lasts briefly and breaks after its lifespan ends. Blocks certain projectiles and players from passing through. This move is identical to Crazy Diamond's Restoration Mode Y move.

(Note that this move is currently broken)

No Damage
Lag Spike
Stops time for 10 seconds. All damage will stack up and take affect after time resumes.
No Damage
50 Seconds
Splash Potion of Harming
Steve Platinum winds up a mighty strike to the ground, then releases, creating an AoE that does damage, ragdolls and knocks players up.
Great Damage
50 damage
35 seconds
Armor Stand Substitute
The user and Steve Platinum enter a counter stance after a 1 second windup, preparing for an attack. If damaged by any melee attack, they will teleport behind the attacker and heal health and gain defense.

(Note that this move is currently broken)

No Damage
40 seconds
Potion of Healing
Steve Platinum pummels the user with healing punches, healing 1 health per hit and dealing 80 hits in total.
Pitiful Healing
1 HP per punch
20 seconds

Removed Abilities

V - Reality-Warping Blast

Steve Platinum charges its right arm with gold particles coming off its hands before firing a huge projectile to the target, doing percentage damage, this was a powerful move, especially against DIO.


  • Steve Platinum's only quote is "Uuh." Which comes from the noise Steve makes when he gets injured in Minecraft.
  • This Stand had no sound effects in its moves, making it completely silent.
  • While posing, Steve Platinum plays Sweden by C418.
  • This Stand was deleted, making Creeper Queen the last meme Stand for a while, until a little after the Sandbox Update where we started seeing numerous returns of older stands, including this one.
  • This is one of the few stands to be removed then added back, as stated above.
  • Steve Platinum has a strange glitch where it will appear to be inside the user when not manifested with Q. This is a coding error and it does not effect Steve Platinum's performance in PVP.
  • Steve Platinum still uses the old model, even when it came to the game.
  • Steve Platinum’s wall shared the same model with Crazy Diamond's wall. Even before the remodel of Crazy Diamond, it shared the same wall model.


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