A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki


The statues consist of 3 statues made of slate material scattered around the map. These statues were present in old maps but returned in this new revamp.

One More Time Statue

This statue resembles One More Time which is attached to a holder. OMT is holding its hat with its left hand. Over the last couple months, the statue's clothes have gained color, including its hat.

This statue is one of two figures to be R15 models, the other being Tim's Juice Worker.

Made On Hallow's Eve Statue

This statue resembles Made On Hallow's Eve which is attached to a holder. Previously, its eyes were a bright blue color, but in the 21/9/20 (DD/MM/YY) Joestar Mansion update, they were changed to be bright red. They were changed again to be blue in the Halloween event.

TheGuestToBlame Statue

This statue resembles TheGuestToBlame, the old owner and creator of A Bizarre Day. He holds a sword pointed at his feet, similar to Sword's pose. In front of the statue is a stone plaque that reads:

Founder of ABD

Beside his right leg is a small pink-petaled flower.


  • OMT's and MOHE's statues were originally added in the data reset update.
  • OMT statue and MOHE statue were actually in A Bizarre Park but they were moved to other places.
  • OMT's clothes and MOHE's eyes regained colors over time.
  • MoHe's eyes changed from colorless to blue to red back to blue.