The statues consist of 3 statues made of slate material scattered around the map. These statues were present in old maps but returned in this new revamp.

OMT Statue:

This statue resembles One More Time which is attached to a holder. OMT is holding its hat with its left hand. (This was added as a tribute to OMT which got deleted in data reset update).

MoHE Statue:

This statue resembles Made on Hallows Eve which is attached to a holder. (This was added as a tribute to MOHE which got deleted in data reset update).

Guest Statue:

This statue resembles TheGuestToBlame, the old creator of A Bizarre Day. He holds a sword pointed at his feet, similar to Sword's pose. In front of the statue is a stone plaque that reads:

Founder of ABD


  •  OMT's and MOHE's statues were originally added in the data reset update.
  • OMT statue and MOHE statue were actually in A Bizarre Park but they were moved to other places.
  • Sir Pottington statue never switched places.
  • OMT's clothes and MoHE's eyes regained colors over time.


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