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"If it's a fight you want, it's gonna be one hell of a fight I'm gonna bring." - Star Platinum Requiem (Sutā Purachina Rekuiemu, スタープラチナ・レクイエム )


Star Platinum Requiem is an unreleased, Non-canonical stand that was shown in the ABD Discord's Sneak Peek section.

The current way to obtain this stand is currently unknown, as not much information was shared about it.


In appearance, Star Platinum Requiem is similar to its counterpart. However, it also has its differences in terms of appearance.

Examples can be the white star that is located on its shoulders and in the middle of its chest. There are also squiggly lines on its arms, torso and pubic area, with what seems to be a requiem-shaped symbol on top of its headband.

The main difference is the appearance of its face. As for Star Platinum Requiem, it barely has any facial features at all, only containing a glowing orange line that goes across the middle.


The current movesets/abilities of this stand is currently unknown.


  • Star Platinum Requiem was announced on a sneak peek in the Official ABD Discord Server in 16/6/2020 (DD/MM/YY)
  • Star Platinum Requiem will have lots of similarities on both appearance and movesets as Star Platinum.


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