"Really getting through to someone is an amazing thing, but sometimes there's a little left over mess. That mess is called resentment." - Jotaro Kujo (空条 承太郎, Kūjō Jōtarō)


Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) is the stand of Jotaro Kujo, a main ally featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

Similar to Star Platinum, this stand shares a lot of resemblance to its counterpart, Star Platinum. However, some of the movesets and abilities of this stand are different.

This stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 7% chance (A-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow.


Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) is a humanoid Stand, resembling a tall, well-built man. A wavy line runs from each arm to the front of its torso, continuing down its legs.

It has a minimal range of clothing and armor, including a short, circular scarf, shoulder pads with a spiral design, long gloves with studs on the back, knee and elbow guards, a loincloth, and short boots, which became knee-length in part 6 Stone Ocean.

However, since Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) is different from Star Platinum, some of the notable differences are on its appearance is the color of its skin, pauldrons, and scarf. Its face and body have varying shades of purple. It has long, flowing hair with a darker shade above its eyes and on the bridge of its nose, blurring the distinction between its hair and head.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
ORA Barrage Star Platinum: Stone Ocean pummels the enemy with an array of superior punches.
Superior Strength
5 damage per punch
5 seconds
ORA Strike
Star Platinum: Stone Ocean strikes the target with an incredible right hook.
Great Strength 30 damage
7 seconds
Spear Throw
Star Platinum: Stone Ocean throws a spear at the target. On contact, it deals an incredible amount of damage. This shared the animation of Iggy Throw before the remodel.
Incredible Damage
45 damage
15 seconds
Cursor on target
Time Smite
Star Platinum: Stone Ocean donuts the target using timestop. The opponent is sent flying backward with an incredible impact. Deals 60 damage.

Note: You can use this move on players within a 60-stud radius.

Superior Damage
60 damage
30 seconds
Time Stop
Star Platinum: Stone Ocean stops time for as long as 5 seconds. All damage you do will stack up and effect when time resumes.
No Damage
35 seconds
Mighty Heave
Star Platinum: Stone Ocean brings back its right arm for a short period of time, then rushes forward at the opponent, grabbing them and pulling them in towards its user and additionally dealing a mediocre amount of damage. Star Platinum can also do this move.
Good Damage 20 to 30 damage
10 seconds
Cursor on target
Star Platinum: Stone Ocean and its user utilize Time stop to teleport to a target indicated by your mouse cursor. It has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

Note: You can teleport to players and NPC's within an 80-stud radius.

No Damage
15 seconds
Timestop Movement
Star Platinum: Stone Ocean, with it's ability of Time stop, can also move within other's Time stop. This lasts 2 seconds.
No Damage
?? seconds (unknown)

Removed/Reworked Abilities:

T - Bearing Shot

Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) shoots a small, steel bearing that deals 30 damage.


  • V + H + R + T + Y Medium
  • R + V + H + Y + T Medium/Hard
  • F + E(not long) + H + T + R Basic and normal
  • E(not long) + R/H + Y + V + H/R + T Hard/Very Hard
  • V + R. Easy
  • V + H + T + E(Hold) + Y Medium
  • T + Y + V + H + R Medium
  • F + E(not long) + R + T + V + H + Y + E(Hold) Very Hard
  • E + R + Y + T Easy
  • Y + V + R + T Easy
  • H + R + T + V + E(Hold) + Y Medium
  • H + T + R + E (Hold for 2 Secs) Medium

Pros and Cons:


  • A lot of damaging moves (Spear Throw, Time Smite).
  • Can timestop, unlike normal Star Platinum.
  • Helpful in raids.
  • Can teleport.
  • Extremely viable when used right.


  • Time Smite has high cooldown.
  • Has a C in Durability, making it often fail in barrage battles or tanking damage in general.


  • In ABD's early days, SPSO had T as Bearing Shot, instead of Spear Throw.
  • When posing, Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) plays "Ocean Man", a song composed and performed by the band Ween.
  • Like Star Platinum: The World, this stand cannot achieve any upgrade from items.
  • The stands initial models barely had any differences to Star Platinum except for, a different color for the scarf, different color hair, and white accents around its body instead of gold ones. The remodel however has also given SPSO very dark purple accents around its body unlike Star Platinum, allowing for even easier distinction
  • Although SPSO's durability was weakened, SPSO had managed to be able to stop time for 5 seconds, the limit a human can move freely in time stop.
  • The voice lines for Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) are, "You're damn loud.", "If you want a fight, I'll give you a fight." and "Give me a break...".
  • Upon dying, the user says:" T-This... Power"! (この..パワー.) (K-Kono... Pawā..!), this death voice clip is also shared with Star PlatinumStar Platinum (Over Heaven), and Star Platinum: The World.
  • Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) is often shorted to SPSO, for simplicity purposes.
  • This Stand is usually used as a more offensive Star Platinum and Star Platinum: The World, However it is still better to use Star Platinum: The World as it has more defensive options than Stone Ocean (Example: longer Timestop movement).
  • In the manga, the learning stat of SPSO is C, this is because Jotaro had completed his learning.
  • This is one of the most powerful Star Platinum variants when used well, having the highest damage output out of any of the Star Platinums.
  • Even though SPSOs durability isn't very good, as long as you use teleport and time smite to avoid your enemy's attacks you can unleash massive counterattacks and combos while keeping your HP as high as possible.
  • In the latest ABD update, SPSO has gotten a new J move that can let SPSO and the user move in someone else's timestop for 2 seconds
  • As of the v2.0.6e update, this stand got a re-model.



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