"You're a joke, DIO. And your reality... It's all just a fantasy." - Jotaro Kujo (Kūjō Jōtarō, 空条 承太郎)


Star Platinum (Over Heaven) is the non-canonical, Over Heaven variant of Star Platinum. Similar to its original counterpart, it is a close-range stand, but with an immense amount of strength and precision compared to the original stand.

Although it has similar abilities to that of Star Platinum's, it deals a lot more damage for each move, with it being the ascended "Over Heaven" variant of the stand. This stand also has a shiny variant of itself: Retro Star Platinum (Over Heaven).

This stand is obtained by using DIO's Diary on Star Platinum. Similarly, the shiny variant of this stand is obtained by using the diary on the shiny variant of Star Platinum.


Star Platinum (Over Heaven) looks vastly different from its regular counterpart, Star Platinum, with only a couple of similarities. It has long, flowing white hair with a darker shade above its eyes and on the bridge of its nose, blurring the distinction between its hair and head.

Its skin color and overall color scheme is white, with it possessing a bright red scarf and light yellow shoulder pads with glowing light gray that is also shared on gloves, knees, and headband, and also runs on the torso.

Along with its similarities in their physical appearance, Retro Star Platinum (Over Heaven), the shiny version of Star Platinum (Over Heaven) is mainly different in their color scheme. Its skin is a hue between light black, dark gray and dark orange. Its face and body have varying colors of light black and dark grey. It’s appearance is similar to that of Volcanic Gold Experience.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Ascended ORA Barrage
Star Platinum (Over Heaven) barrages the target with devastating punches, totaling up to 80 punches per barrage. This version of the barrage is much faster than the original counterpart's. However, it does a pose/animation before it starts its barrage.
Devastating Strength
6.25 damage per punch
6  seconds
Ascended ORA Strike
Star Platinum (Over Heaven) throws a fast, heavy punch at the enemy, dealing an incredible amount of damage. It does knockback and ragdolls the opponent.
Godly Strength
45 damage
8 Seconds
 Reality Overwrite: Charged Strike
Star Platinum (Over Heaven) charges its right fist for a few seconds and strikes the opponent with a punch that deals a moderate amount of damage. This move cannot be blocked.

Note: This move kills anyone under 20% health, alongside that it will instantly kill bosses like DIO and Funny Valentine when their health is under 10%.

Moderate Strength
20 damage
30 Seconds
Reality Overwrite: Restoration Barrage
Star Platinum (Over Heaven) barrages a target, healing them for 1 HP per hit. If fully used, it will total up to 80 points of HP being healed.
Pitiful Heal
1 HP healed per punch
30 Seconds
Reality Overwrite: Self-Restoration Barrage
Star Platinum (Over Heaven) barrages its user, healing them for 1 HP per hit. If fully used, it will total up to 80 points of HP being healed to the user.
Pitiful Heal
1 HP healed per punch
30 Seconds
 Reality-Shattering Pulse
Star Platinum (Over Heaven) slams the ground and sends any opponents near the player flying upward. This move deals with a godly amount of damage in a radius around the user. However, this move can be dodged by rolling, which makes the user vulnerable when not used properly. This move is an effective counter for poke and running MiH users, as long as you time your H properly.
Superior Damage
50 damage
Ascended Timestop
Star Platinum (Over Heaven) stops time for up to 10 seconds. You can basically kill anyone in this period of time.

Note: Gold Experience Requiem and Made in Heaven can cancel this timestop.

No Damage
Heavenly Counter
Star Platinum (Over Heaven) and its user will suddenly stop in their tracks and pose. However if an opponent hits them while this is active, the user will regain 50 health and get a temporary defense boost.

Note: Gold Experience Requiem can bypass this counter, and OHs Reality Overwrite.

Superior Heal
50 HP healed

Removed/Reworked Moves:

V - Reality-Warping Blast

Star Platinum: Over Heaven charges up his left arm with gold particles coming off its hands before firing a massive projectile that would multiply damage on contact. Against the biggest health bar, it would do a lot of damage, especially on Dio. This move was replaced by the Bubble Sphere.

V - Bubble Sphere

Star Platinum: Over Heaven would summon a bubble that protects everyone inside that is not the player. This move would not work inside of timestop. This move got replaced by Heavenly Counter / "Yare Yare Daze..."

T - Destructive Overwrite

Star Platinum: Over Heaven would charge up its fist dealing 87.5 damage. Currently, it does 20 damage and it will instantly kill anybody under 20% health.

Battle Strategies:

General Combat Knowledge:

Star Platinum (Over Heaven) is a generally powerful stand, it can be either weak or strong depending on the user's playstyle. This stand really struggles against stands that have lots of ragdoll moves or have those with good mobility in general. H should only be used when your opponent is ragdolled, in range, or is coming straight to you. You should be careful using barrage as it can be immediately canceled once you are knocked. You can easily bait them, by healing then switching to R. Most of the time, they’ll try to cancel your healing, so if they get close enough, do R.


Star Platinum (Over Heaven), or SPOH, is a generally powerful stand. However, there are lots of ways to counter this stand, including but not limited to:

  • Camping/spamming projectiles. SPOH will completely slice your health bar at close range but it has literally no projectiles or any other movement options besides rolling and stand jumping. However, you will eventually have to approach SPOH to do more damage than the health they are healing. Watch out for their time-stop since they will use it to close to the gap in space and pummel you. Using Tusk ACT4 will be perfect since it has tons of projectile and can move in stopped time. Cracked D4C can summon clones, and it has a homing gun move.
  • Countering/punishing fighting style. SPOH is extremely slow, might be the slowest stand of all stand just behind The Hand. Exploit SPOH's slow attack speed, you can slide through their punches with KC:AU and throw a counter-attack. Try to dodge/negate their attack then punish, SPOH doesn't do that well against being combo'd. Things with counters work great against the slow speed.
  • Fast speed/Running. SPOH is slow, so things like MiH, Samurai, Kars, and etc, can easily run or outspeed it. With its slow moves, it’ll be tough to hit fast stands, unless you can bait them.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You should bait your opponent attack then counter-attack them
  • When you have ragdolled your opponent you should use "H" then "E"
  • when you are stuck in a barrage battle against an another OH you should use "V" then use your "E"
  • LMB is a good way to get chip dm or to keep your opponent from being to close to you
  • You should use V if you're about to get caught by another SPOH/TWOH's H or any stand that has a slow attack speed in general. Remember that you can dodge attacks.
  • You can use Time Stop Movement if you Time Stop at the same time as the opponent.
  • You should NOT use all your moves at one time because of the long cooldowns. 


  • R + T Easy
  • R + H Easy
  • H + T. Easy
  • V + T Easy
  • F + E (hold) + R. Easy
  • H + E Easy
  • H + T + R + E Medium
  • H + R + C + E Medium
  • F + T + R + H + LMB or E Hard
  • F + T + E + Hold + R Hard
  • V + H + T + R + E. (Works better on people random attacking you.) Hard

Pros and Cons:


  • Can stop time for 10 seconds.
  • High damage
  • Good healing abilities.
  • Good durability. Has one of the highest HP in the game.
  • LMB is one of the strongest base punches in the game, allowing to chip off extra damage.
  • Has a counter
  • Counter can stack healing effects.
  • Bypasses a lot of things.


  • Every move has a very predictable windup.
  • Barrage has a long animation, no knockback, no speed boost and no stun.
  • Punishable counter | counter has wind up, making it less effective.
  • Vulnerable during heal.
  • It's possible for you to be knocked during any wind-up and end up dealing no damage.
  • Extremely high cooldown for otherwise great moves.
  • Lacks stun moves, near impossible to do follow up combos.
  • H can somehow be dodged using roll.
  • Has no ranged moves making it easy to counter with ranged movesets.


Star Platinum (Over Heaven):

  • Despite being an evolution of Star Platinum, this stand can't move in stopped time.
  • The Universe-Warping Blast was replaced with Shield Sphere, and it was replaced with Heavenly Counter.
  • The V move for SPOH was replaced 2 times, with the last two abilities for it being the Universe-Warping Star Blast and the Shield Sphere.
  • By using your barrage and quickly posing afterward, you can move in your pose, If you manage to get out of your pose in the same second, you can attack while posing. Similar to other stand glitches.
  • All of Star Platinum: Over Heaven's stats used to S+, but now every stat has been changed to S.
  • Upon dying, the user says:" T-This... Power"! (この..パワー.) (K-Kono... Pawā..!). This death voice clip is also shared with Star PlatinumStar Platinum (Stone Ocean), and Star Platinum: The World.
  • In the non-official light novel, JJBA Over Heaven, Star Platinum did not become Over Heaven, however, in the game "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven", Star Platinum is seen obtaining the power of heaven.
  • This stand is not a canon stand, as the idea of making this stand came from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.
  • This stand used to be unobtainable but it was later reverted on 11/08/2020 (DD/MM/YYYY).
  • ABD Staff made a poll for a new move for the stand. Which may or may not give it range, either a lightning beam or a move similar to R/TWOH’s H.
  • While posing, it would begin to play music. It's named OST Stardust Crusaders [World]Track 19 - Travelers Who Rest.

Retro Star Platinum (Over Heaven):

  • This was the most wanted stand in the game at the time, as it was unobtainable, but the stands value dropped due to duping glitches. To fix the economy, the developers just made this and spoh obtainable again.
  • When the user dies, the ”Uwah!” sound effect will play three through six times, the audio came from Jotaro's death sound in HFTF.
  • This stand used to be unobtainable but it was later reverted on 11/08/2020 (DD/MM/YYYY).
  • It is shortened to RSPOH for simplicity. However, in the old times, it would be shortened to SPOHOVA/SPOVAOH.
  • When using the !check [player] command, it will show "Star Platinum OVAH" instead of Retro Star Platinum: Over Heaven.


Audio Gallery:

Expand to see all of the sound effects of both Retro and Star Platinum (Over Heaven).

Star Platinum (Over Heaven):

Ascended ORA Barrage


Ascended ORA Strike


Reality Overwrite: Charged Strike


Reality-Shattering Pulse


Reality Overwrite: Self/Heal Barrage


"Ascended Timestop"


'"Yare Yare Daze..."/Heavenly Counter


Retro Star Platinum (Over Heaven):

Ascended ORA Barrage


Ascended ORA Strike


Reality Overwrite: Charged Strike


Reality-Shattering Pulse


Reality Overwrite: Self/Heal Barrage


"Ascended Timestop"


'"Yare Yare Daze..."/Heavenly Counter


Star Platinum (Over Heaven):

User's Death


Retro Star Platinum (Over Heaven):

User's Death


Stand Summon


Star Platinum (Over Heaven):

"Get lost."


"Yare Yare Daze..."


"I had a good time beating you up."


Retro Star Platinum (Over Heaven):

"Your judge will be my stand."


"Yare Yare Daze..."


"You ticked me off."



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