There's only one reason why you lost, DIO. One simple answer. You pissed me off."- Jotaro Kujo (Kūjō Jōtarō, 空条 承太郎)


Star Platinum is a short-ranged stand of Jotaro Kujo, the main protagonist featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. This stand also has a shiny counterpart: Retro Star Platinum.

Star Platinum is a close-range stand, but with incredible strength, speed, and precision, much like The World. Along with its high-damage dealing moves, it can be considered a powerful stand when used well.

This stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 2% chance (S-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow. As for its shiny, there is a 1% chance (S+ Tier percentage) of obtaining it.


Star Platinum is a humanoid Stand, resembling a tall, well-built man. In colored art, its skin is often a hue between purple, blue, green, and small bits of gold. Its face and body have varying colors. It has long, flowing hair with a darker shade above its eyes and on the bridge of its nose, blurring the distinction between its hair and head.

The spaces under its eyes and on its cheeks and chin are a darker color and divided clearly from the space around its nose and mouth. It wears a cap on its chin, and a metallic headband in three pieces, the central piece of which is shaped as a vertical ellipse. Initially, its facial features were very similar to Jotaro's.

A wavy line runs from each arm to the front of its torso, continuing down its legs. It has a minimal range of clothing and armor, including a short, circular scarf, along with shoulder pads that have a spiral design, long gloves with studs on the back, knee, and elbow guards, a loincloth, and short boots.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
ORA Barrage Star Platinum assaults the target with a super-speed barrage of punches of superior power. While using this move, your walk speed will decrease slightly.
Superior Strength
5.5 damage per punch
ORA Strike Star Platinum punches the opponent with his right hand, dealing incredible damage and knockback. Also when doing this move, you hear a different punch sound.
Incredible Strength 37 to 40 damage
Star Finger Star Platinum extends its fingers and quickly hits the foe with them, dealing good damage with a range of 10 studs. This move has low knockback and can stun, this will blur the screen of the inflicted.
Incredible Strength 25 damage
Iggy Throw Star Platinum pulls out Iggy and lunges him towards the enemy. The impact of Iggy hitting a target deals with a godly amount of damage. The closer you are to the target, the more damage it deals. Although this move does incredible damage, it has a rather slow travel time(Well also being buggy), making it easy to dodge. This had the same animation as Star Platinum: Stone Ocean's spear throw.
Godly Damage 65 damage
Timestop Movement When this key is pressed during timestop, you can move in it for the next 3 seconds. This doesn't work if there's no timestop.
No Damage
60 Seconds
Star Pull Star Platinum uses his right arm to pull the target towards it by punching them in the back. This move is similar to Star Platinum (Stone Ocean)'s H move and deals moderate damage. (Can allow combos)
Moderate Damage 35 damage
Steely Dan Beatdown/3 Page ORA This move can only be used when at or under 55 HP, meaning you need to be damaged to use it, however it deals a godly amount of damage in return. Also known as the 3 Page Ora, Star Platinum pulls their opponent close to them and starts to relentlessly punch them, it finishes the beatdown with a very powerful ORA Strike. If the user dies while using this move, the target will infinitely float until their character is reset. This move is similar to Sticky Fingers' J move and Gold Experience/Cracked Gold Experience's J move.

Note: This doesn't work on dummies and only players. If the 3 Page ORA is used on a Menacing Dummy, Star Platinum will only punch twice.

Pitiful Strength
1 damage per punch 
Superior Strength  (ORA Strike)
35 damage 

Removed/Reworked Abilities:

F - Timestop

Star Platinum stops time for up to 3 seconds.

h - Timestop Movement

Star Platinum can move in Timestop for 2-3 seconds.

Evolved Forms:

(LMB + DIO's Diary) - Star Platinum (Over Heaven) (UNOBTAINABLE)

The player pulls out DIO's Diary and holds it up to the air. After a short time, Star Platinum will ascend Over Heaven, granting the player the stand: "Star Platinum: Over Heaven." However, this evolved stand has not been removed from the game and is no longer obtainable by using DIO's diary, and the only way to get it is only by trading. It has also been confirmed, that these two variants will remain in the game, however a Star Platinum: Requiem will be released soon.

(???) - Star Platinum: Requiem/True Star Platinum (UNRELEASED)

This evolution for Star Platinum has been confirmed on the official A Bizarre Day Discord Server. Details about how this stand is unlocked are yet to be known, though it is to be estimated around the same rarity and value as The World (Over Heaven).

Battle Strategy:

General Combat Knowledge:

The ORA Barrage is an excellent source of DPS and can be used to stun-lock the target, and is even better when followed up with an ORA Strike or another high-power finisher. Star Finger is useful to use when you want to attack enemies at a slightly larger range or to tackle runners. Similar to Zoom Punch, It lacks the knockback of ORA Strike, but it's still capable of ragdolling opponents hit by it, allowing you to stun them and run away or come closer to beat them up. While sounding ridiculous, Iggy Throw is one of the highest damaging moves in Star Platinum's move set. Despite being a very slow projectile, it deals enough damage to make a target feel slightly overwhelmed. It is also able to hit ragdolled enemies, making it a good move to pair up with Star Finger if you use it after downing the opponent. When fighting a stand with Time Stop, wait for them to get close to you, then use your TS movement to run away or strike back. If you miss the stand jump to avoid time stop, you can just use your Time Stop movement.


While it has immense brute force, Star Platinum's time stop movement can be considered the shortest "Time Stop" in the game, so you don't have much time to work with when you use it. Considering Timestop is easily avoidable by blocking within it or simply jumping away from it, ideally, it should be saved for when you know your opponent is cornered.


Star Platinum itself boasts out very mighty attacks, very good combos are available for this stand. Here are a few ways to counter SP.

  • Speed. Speedy stands/specs like Shadow The World(STW) and Kars can counter it. SP barrage deals incredible damage for STW, but you can counter with H(stand mode: on). Star Platinum's heavy attacks need some time to wind up, by that time STW can simply knock him out of his range with E (any mode). Keeping SP ragdolled will turn him into combo food, or just aggressively attack him and he won't be able to catch up with your speed. Kars can just simply knock and ragdoll SP and combo him, however, remember to use F when you are stuck in a barrage, blocking is not a bad idea though.
  • Brute strength. Star Platinum will overcome most regular and vampiric(VTW/TWGH) stands in terms of useful combat moveset and damage. VTW can match up with SP in combat, blocking after a barrage contest is not a bad idea, after SP runs out of move punish him with a heavy attack. The World Over Heaven(TWOH), Star Platinum Over Heaven(SPOH) and Gold Experience Requiem completely bully SP, the SP might start spamming star finger, grab then heavy punch at that point. Due to the OH stands and GER to have absurdly big damage. SP will be brought to red health very quickly, so block whenever you can to prevent receiving godly damage from beatdown but most likely it will die right before the hit lands.


  • T + Y + H + R (Medium)
  • H + R (Easy)
  • H + R + Y + Z + (approach opponent) + E(Hold) (Medium)
  • T + H + J (while under 55 hp) (Easy)
  • T + H + R + Y (Medium)
  • T + R + C + H + E (Medium)
  • T + Y (This is a true combo, Star Finger + Iggy Throw, excellent for combos) (Easy)
  • T + Y + R + E (Easy)
  • E(Hold) + T + R + H (drag enemy back in range, this can infinite) (Medium)
  • H + E(Hold) + T + R + Y (Medium)
  • H + T + Y + R (Easy)

Pros and Cons:


  • Great damage output.
  • Good combo potential.
  • Great ranged attacks.
  • Great damage output.
  • Star Finger can help blind the opponent.


  • Iggy throw is slow and has a high cooldown
  • Every move is still predictable and can be blocked.
  • The glitchiest stand in-game.


  • When posing (G), the song Star Platinum By Jin Hashimoto from JoJo Anthology Song Series will play.
  • Star Platinum is the first stand ever shown in all JoJo media.
  • Star Platinum's stand jump (Z) and Iggy Throw (Y) are very glitched. Steely Dan beatdown (J) is known that has been fixed. however, it's glitch still happen occasionally.
  • Voice lines: To play voice lines press N. Star Platinum's voice lines are: "Good grief.", "You're damn loud.", and, "I'll kill you before you take another breath."
  • It is one of the first stands to come out during ABD's release.
  • Star Platinum's in-game model has perhaps been changed the most throughout the entirety of A Bizarre Day. Several parts of it have been redesigned or recolored, or have been reworked completely.
  • It is often referred to as Star Platinum Prime or Star Platinum 3, although it has never been called that officially in-game. (Though players may call it SPP)
  • Much like Star Platinum itself, the main, "point", pose has been changed multiple times. Sometimes it was remade completely, other times it was only tweaked very slightly.
  • There used to be a glitch with Star Finger that if you use it and anybody gets close to you, they will die immediately.
  • Star Platinum resembles the 17th card of the traditional tarot deck, The Star, which means hope and faith.
  • The E used to be glitched so that it deals massive amounts of damage.
  • This stand can no longer be evolved into its Over Heaven form anymore. However, Star Platinum's evolved form is still within the game and is obtainable through trading. (SPOH/SPOVAH)
  • Star Platinum is often shortened to SP, for trading and simplicity.
  • Upon dying, the user says:" T-This... Power"! (この..パワー.) (K-Kono... Pawā..!), this death voice clip is also shared with Star Platinum (Stone Ocean), Star Platinum Over Heaven, and Star Platinum: The World.
  • This stand is one of the most broken (in glitches) in the history of ABD.
  • This stand has a Shiny Variant, It is known as "Retro Star Platinum", which drops at a 1% chance.
  • The Iggy throw is a reference from the Geb fight, where Star Platinum throws Iggy to N'Doul to harm N'Doul with The Fool.
  • Star Finger is currently bugged, and would sometimes not cause any knockback to the player being hit by it.
  • There will be a requiem form of Star Platinum added in the future.
  • If you die and use J at the same time and successfully hit a person with it, the 3 page Ora finisher ends immediately.
  • As of the v2.0.6b (06/07/2020) update, Steely Dan beatdown damage has been decreased from 2 to 1.25 damage per punch.
  • This stand is sometimes mistaken as Star Platinum (Over Heaven), due to the recent update for the stands model.
  • As of the v2.0.6e update (11/07/2020), Stand Summon and ORA Barrage sounds were made higher, alongside with a remodel.
  • Star Platinum's in-game model has perhaps been changed the most throughout the entirety of A Bizarre Day. Several parts of it have been redesigned or recoloured, or have been reworked completely.
  • Much like Star Platinum itself, the main "point" pose has been changed multiple times. Sometimes it was remade completely, other times it was only tweaked very slightly.




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