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"Toss it! Believe in Spin! The power of rotation is limitless! Trust in that!" - Gyro Zeppeli (Jairo Tseperi, ジャイロ・ツェペリ )


Spin is a supernatural phenomenon ability wielded by Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar, both of which are characters featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. This is essentially the alternate universe counterpart of Hamon.

Said simply, Spin is used to rotate objects or even people, in this case, steel balls. That rotational energy that spin produces, is then transferred to nearby objects (the steel balls) in the form of vibrations which is then thrown at the target in order to deal damage.

Spin is a Special Ability that can be bought from Gyro Zeppeli for $10,000.


Spin doesn't have much of a physical appearance, except for two pouches carrying steel balls on both of the player's hips. However, when the user shoots its steel balls, a green object is shot out, with it being a steel ball. Once the ball is shot out, the projectile will leave a green trail behind it with a small green glow showing once the target is hit. The trail will be golden when using Golden Spin Energy.

Moves like the Spin-Infused Jab, Water Channeling, and the Golden Spin Energy all have their own effects when activated.

Similar to the visual effects of the steel balls, the user will build up a green glow in his hands before hitting the target. With water channeling, the user builds up a spiral of light blue water with its hands and Golden Spin Energy makes its user have a gold aura surrounding him/her while its steel balls glow gold instead of green.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Spin Punch
A basic, Spin-infused punch that does pitiful damage.
Pitiful Damage
9 damage and under
Left Steel Ball
The player throws a steel ball from their left hand towards where their cursor is facing. On a hit, the ball will deal moderate damage. Any headshots will deal 1.25x damage.
Moderate Damage
21 damage
2 Seconds
Right Steel Ball
Same as the Left Steel Ball, but instead you throw it with your right hand.
Moderate Damage
21 damage
2 Seconds
Spin-Infused Jab
The player charges their right arm with spin energy and throws a hefty hook forwards. Any opponents hit by this spin-charged fist will twist around for 2 seconds, effectively being stunned. This comes at the cost of the impact dealing only a pitiful amount of damage.
Pitiful Damage
12 damage
5 Seconds
Water Channeling
The User spins water in front of them, creating a shield of water. Anything (including projectiles) that hits the water will get deflected.

Note: this will not work against either OH, GER, or Tusk ACT4.

No Damage
12 seconds
Rotational Redirection
Any steel balls thrown by the player that has not yet hit a target will be held in the air for a short moment, and will then fire themselves towards the player's cursor. (Maximum 3 Steel Balls)
No Damage
6 seconds
Golden Spin Energy
The player focuses their spin energy and grants themselves infinite energy for 7.5 seconds. During this time, all spin-related attacks will deal 1.5x damage.
No Damage
5 seconds
Spin Jump
The player will fill his/her legs with spin energy, resulting in them using the energy to jump high into the air.
No Damage
12 seconds

Removed Abilities

Q - Spin Chop

Perform a chop with Spin infused dealing superior damage. A glass sound can be heard if hitting an opponent.

T - Strong Spin Punch

A punch that deals good knock back and incredible damage. The animation is similar to Hamon's Scarlet Overdrive.

F - Spin Shotgun

Throws five steel balls at once, doing insane damage.

Evolved Forms

(LMB + Holy Corpse) - Tusk ACT1

The player pulls out the corpse to the air. After the animation, the player will respawn and be granted the stand Tusk, which is Johnny Joestar's stand, the protagonist of Steel Ball Run. The player would need to keep using the Holy Corpse on Tusk until it reaches its final form: Tusk ACT4

Battle Strategies


  • R + F + Q + E + Q + E Medium/Hard
  • E+Q+E+Q(Miss The First 2 Balls)( Look Down At Ground)+Y(Pointed at opponent)+T Medium/Hard
  • T + R + Z + Q/E Medium/Hard
  • Q/E + Q/E + Q/E + Y Medium/Hard
  • F + Q/E + Q/E + Q/E + Q/E + Q/E + Q/E Easy
  • R + (turn around) Z + F + (aim at opponent) Q/E + Q/E + Q/E + Q/E + Q/E Medium
  • F + R + E + Q + E + Q + T (in case the opponent hits after the R effect is done) Medium

Pros and Cons:


  • Left and Right steel balls can be spammed.
  • Water Channeling can repel projectiles and deflect damage.
  • Rotational Redirection gives you the opportunity to make surprise attacks.
  • Golden Spin Energy has a short cooldown.
  • Spin-Infused Jab can completely cancel barrages.
  • Low cooldowns.


  • Spin-Infused Jab does mediocre damage.
  • Requires good aim to master.
  • Spin-Infused Jab has a long windup time.
  • Mediocre Durability.


  • Spin originally costed 50k lire and you could get it from the far corner of the old map. (Note, this was when back then, money was worth 500, and not the amount it has now).
  • This spec used to have no pose.
  • Voicelines: "Pizza mozzarella, Pizza mozzarella, rella rella rella rella." and "The shortest route was a detour."
  • Spin is required to obtain Tusk (Johnny's stand) and maybe Ball Breaker (Gyro's stand) in the future.
  • It is believed that this spec will have the steel balls swirling around itself.
  • Tusk is confirmed to be added, And it has been added on Saturday, May 23rd of 2020
  • The rework of spin was released on 5/25/2020.
  • Some players who have Spin cannot attack, and the user can move during Timestop. This bug will eventually be fixed.
  • It used to have a quote that says *Epic Music* which played a part of the song called "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by the band "Dead or Alive".
  • The balls can also bypass blocks, thus making it easier to deal with players blocking.
  • The attacks have a lime green trail that changes to yellow (gold) when gold spin energy is activated.
  • Kars, Samurai, and Spin are the only spec/stand that can't hide their specs/stands, so you don't need to check to see what ability they're owning.
  • You can solo Funny Valentine with spin. All you need to do is stand on the lamp post, the fence, or a tree and spam F, Q, and E at Funny Valentine.
  • When the user Poses, it plays the "Pizza Mozzarella" song, one of the most beloved pose music in the game.
  • Spin's old T move was similar to Hamon's R, and Spin's old Q move was similar to Hamon's Q.
  • After regeneration was removed, Spin now has a block.